May 2016 FEA Stateside Newsletter


      Reduction in Force-Individual RIF letters were given out in our stateside schools last week. The Association continues to question management on RIF concerns. If you have questions about the RIF procedures, please contact your local president and we will address those with the agency.


      CCRS-Elementary/Secondary Math-The Association leaders will meet with Linda Curtis at Head Quarters in late May to discuss the continued implementation of CCRSM in our Elementary schools and CCRSM/L for our middle and secondary schools. New math curriculum was purchased for our elementary schools and should be in place at the beginning of the 16/17 school years.


      2017 NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence-Congratulations to Laura Hastings, president of Camp Lejeune Certified, on her nomination for this award. She is a true leader in our association and an outstanding educator. Laura will be honored in Washington, DC at the NEA Foundation Gala.


      FEA-SR Area Council -- The FEA SR Spring Area Council was held in Columbus, GA on April 22 and 23. We had a wonderful turnout with many guests from FEA and NEA. Friday, we met with Dr. Christy Huddleston and Dr. Fran Austin and discussed issues affecting our educators. Thank you to members from Fort Benning that gave up their weekend to be with us during the Saturday session of Area Council.


      Fort Benning Visit-I had the opportunity to visit our schools at Fort Benning, GA. Chuck McCarter accompanied me along with Earl Wiman from the NEA Executive committee. We were able to see the wonderful things going on in our schools and meet with members in an afterschool meeting. A big thank you to Evelyn Barman, local president, and Penny Wilson for hosting our visit!

      FEA/NEA Collaboration Course-Enhancing the Profession through Real Collaboration-FEA and NEA were able to fund and develop a course on professional collaboration. Anita Lang, FEA Secretary Treasurer, received an NEA grant to fund this course and offered it at Fort Bragg and Fort Benning last month. Participants were so pleased to have valuable professional development. We are fortunate to have two local leaders trained to facilitate this course for FEA SR, Camp Lejuene Classified President, Wendy Russell and Donelle Pistorino. If your local is interested in offering this course, please let me know and we can organize this professional development in your area.


      Teacher Leadership Summit-Daniele Massey, FEA SR local President of the virtual school, has been meeting with HQ and the union on teacher leadership. Daniele gave a dynamic presentation to our union leaders and agency counterparts at our Spring Area Council on what real teacher leadership should be in our schools. Many thanks to Daniele!


      MLA-Certified-The Association met with the Agency in a mediation session over the Certified MLA last week at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Atlanta, GA. The current Certified MLA remains in full effect. The Association will keep you informed as this process moves forward.

      Teacher Appreciation Week-May 2-6-This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Our educators mean so much to the students and parents of the military community. Being an educator is a career that makes a difference in the lives of all students. Please know you are appreciated for all you do!

Jane Loggins

FEA Director for DDESS