May 2010 FEA Stateside Newsletter

May 2010

Terry Arvidson, FEA Director for DDESS
Dorothy Lee, FEA-SR General Counsel

Support Master Labor Agreement Update: The election form for the support seasonal employees (DAS and DES) to use in requesting to have their pay spread, or to have their spread pay stopped, has been distributed. All interested employees must complete and submit the form by the end of this week, May 15th. Please verify your form has been received by the deadline. In addition, the employees who are eligible for the 30 hours of annual leave per the agreement we signed should see the balance of annual leave on the Leave and Earnings Statement they will receive for pay-day May 14th. According to Bryan Weekley from Peachtree City, Employees with more than 240 hours of annual leave will have until the end of the leave year to use the excess annual leave in order to get back to the 240 limit. The date would be 1-1-11. The list of those employees is available from your local president. Peachtree City has also said they are close to finalizing the cash pay-outs and the step increases for affected employees. The Agency has had 60 days from the signing date of March 25th to finish these final two actions. Please see your local president for the other details of the settlement agreement.

New Leaders: Congratulations to Cynthia Francis, our newly elected FEASR HCR (Human and Civil Rights) Coordinator! Cynthia brings a wealth of experience to our organization as past president at Ft. Jackson and other Association activities over the years. Thank you to all who put their ‘name into the hat'! And of course a very special thanks to Jeanette Martinez as she moves aside to make room for another great leader for our organization. A warm welcome goes out to other incoming leaders for SY 2010-2011. At West Point, Nydia Santiago replaces Linda Kerin as the local president for the teachers; Jane Loggins replaces Lynn Palmer at Ft. Campbell for the teachers; Carolyn Duff has replaced Tim Adkisson at Ft. Knox for the Classified staff.

Late Release/Early Returns: there will be days set aside for late releases/early returns for some educators. I have requested this information from Peachtree City to ensure those who require that extra time will receive it. If you normally get a day or two and have not heard anything, please speak with your school administrator and also let your Association representative know if you have concerns.

Conflict in the Workplace training: Ft. Bragg is the location for the current pilot program conducted by DODEA Headquarters to address resolution of conflict in the workplace. From May 11 -- 13 educators, staff members, administrators and Association leaders at Ft. Bragg are participating in a pilot training in an effort to learn and/or hone skills useful in resolving conflict before it escalates. On May 12th and again on May 19th there will be a separate ‘awareness' presentation about this program for school staff during their early release day.

ASPEN Expansion: I have forwarded the recent information to the local presidents about the expansion of the ASPEN pilot. ASPEN is the program that will replace SMS for the management of student data in the school. More schools have been added this year and the ‘glitches' continue to be addressed. If you have concerns about the pilot program in your school, please let your local Association rep know -- we can help!