August 2012 FEA Stateside Region Newsletter

Now that all our schools are in session, welcome everyone to another school year!
MOUs: We just finished negotiating two MOUs, one for the full implementation of the use of the Creative Curriculum for PreK and PSCD teachers, and the other for the second year of the BAS K-3 Reading Assessment. Members may go to and using your membership number, find the copies of these MOUs (and others), or ask your local president.

FEASR HCR (Human and Civil Rights Coordinator) Election: Information announcing the upcoming election for the HCR for our Stateside Region has been forwarded to each local president for posting on association bulletin boards. Interested candidates may self-nominate or any member can nominate a colleague who is an active member of NEA/FEA. The form must be postmarked by September 7, 2012 or faxed by September 7, 2012 to 334-297-0418. Candidates should retain a copy of their records.

Fall Area Council: The fall meeting will be held at the Peachtree City (PTC) Area Service Center (ASC) on Friday and Saturday, September 21 and 22. Local presidents and guests will meet to discuss issues and concerns as well as to receive training as your leaders and representatives. All members are invited to attend the open meetings. Please contact your local president if interested.

Important Paperwork: Both the Certified and Classified contracts have allowances for bargaining unit members to request a copy of their salary worksheet for the new pay year. We advise that you compare the salary worksheet with your Leave and Earning Statement (LES) and your Notice of Personnel Action (SF 50) to ensure all information matches. If there are discrepancies, file a pay inquiry with the POC at your building.

Signing an EDA: Read your contract carefully before signing. If you have any questions contact your local president before signing. We strongly advise waiting to have a signed contract before beginning the work for an EDA.

STEM: The PTC ASC has procured and forwarded STEM materials to schools throughout DDESS during the summer. The understanding is that STEM learning is supposed to be gradually infused into the curriculum as a means of instruction for Science and Math, using technology with an engineering model. It is NOT a separate class nor is it to replace any current curriculum.

School Visits: The schedule is filling up for our planned visits to the districts to conduct training for leader and meet with members. I look forward to seeing you when we are in your area.
I am saddened to have just received the news that one of our Campbell members, Michelle Todd, has suddenly passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and as well as her colleagues.