September 2018 FEA Stateside Newsletter


DoDEA Management is Threatening to use the Federal Service Impasses Panel to Impose a Bogus Contract on our Schools -- Over 1400 emails have been sent to DoDEA Director Tom Brady sharing concerns that management's proposed contract for DDESS educators would harm our schools. Mr. Brady has not responded. Does he not understand the need to listen to his own employees? Mr. Brady is not fulfilling his role as a responsible leader of DoDEA. The DoDEA Blueprint for Success notes the importance of trust and relationships based on integrity, mutual respect and open two-way communication. Mr. Brady is not following his own agency's Blueprint! Please continue to support our students, educators and schools. More details on how you take action can be found at

Red for Respect --. Educators are wearing RED for RESPECT. We will continue to show our solidarity wearing RED. Students are also joining in on their own initiative wearing RED, supporting educators as they show unity fighting for the RESPECT they deserve from DoDEA management.

K-5 ELA Benchmark Advance and BAS -- Educators are struggling to make the new K-5 ELA curriculum, Benchmark Advance and BAS work for students. Benchmark Advance requires direct teacher instruction for establish routines and Review. BAS (without substitute coverage that DoDEA eliminated) requires teachers to spend one to one time with individual students. This one to one assessment can take up to fifty minutes per student. Since Benchmark Advance requirements use teacher direct instruction only about 30 minutes per day can be used for BAS. This is not enough time for teachers to test every student. Students must come back to testing over multiple days. An entire class may take up to 45 days to test. This is not a valid assessment of a student's reading level. This is a hardship on students who are tested over multiple days or left to work on their own while the teacher provides this one to one BAS test for over a month. To make matters worse, scores are to be uploaded to DoDEA ODMS, however ODMS is not functioning. How can teachers upload student scores into a program that DoDEA has not made operational for this school year?

Travel -- FEA SR will visit Fort Jackson on September 11. We will visit schools, hold a training for the elected representatives of the Fort Jackson Association of Educators and meet with members during an after school meeting. We are looking forward to seeing everyone during this visit!

Fall Area Council -- The Area Council will meet in Nashville Tennessee on October 11-13. Please contact your local president if you are interested in attending.

Academic Credits Case -- On Friday, July 20, 2018, Arbitrator Charles Murphy issued an award granting FEA-SR's request for relief for educators who were improperly denied Academic Salary Lane Credits earned before the award of their first Master's degree.

DoDEA has since filed an appeal to the FLRA seeking to overturn the award. FEA-SR is disappointed, but not surprised, that management has decided to exhaust all avenues in an effort to short-change educators for the educational credits they pursued on their own dime to support the mission of providing a world-class education to military dependents. FEA-SR will continue to fight to ensure our members are fairly compensated. FEA-SR will provide more information as the case moves forward.

Executive Order Lawsuit Win -- As many of you are aware, FEA joined suit with a number of other federal sector labor unions challenging three Executive Orders issued by Donald Trump in May attacking collective bargaining rights of federal sector unions, due process rights for federal employees, and official time. On Saturday, August 25, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson struck down the key provisions of the Executive Orders that were harmful to federal employees and federal sector unions. The ruling is a huge win for FEA and workers' rights!

Know Your Rights -- MLA - Article 8 Section 2--Employee Rights --Right to Representation
a Employees of the unit have the right, regardless of Association membership, to bring matters of personal concern to the attention of appropriate Agency officials, with or without assistance from Association officials.
b When filing a complaint or appeal under any system other than the negotiated grievance procedure, employees shall have the right to be represented by a representative of their own choosing.
c Each employee may seek assistance from his/her Association representative at any time during the duty day when neither is involved in assigned duties.
d If a member needs immediate assistance from an Association representative during instructional time, the employee shall contact the school principal; and if the principal determines that work conditions permit, the employee and the Association representative will be released and provided coverage for their responsibilities. The Association representative will be required to complete an official time request form (Appendix B) and have it approved by the appropriate management official.
e Nothing in this Agreement shall require an employee to become or to remain a member of the Association or to pay money to the Association except pursuant to a voluntary, written authorization by a member for the payment of dues through payroll deductions.

MLA Certified -The MLA remains in full force and effect until a new agreement is legally implemented. An update about the status of contract bargaining can be found at