August 2018 FEA Stateside Newsletter


DoDEA Management is Threatening to use the Federal Service Impasses Panel to Impose a Bogus Contract on our Schools - We know this very upsetting news and FEA-SR will do all we can to dissuade management from taking this incredibly negative action. We will keep members posted on any action you can take. Go to to read the Association's update on this issue.

Red for Respect -- Many schools in the Southeast began on July 30! I attended the Fort Campbell opening day. Educators arrived wearing RED for RESPECT. We will continue to show our solidarity wearing RED. As one educator stated recently at Fort Campbell, "All teachers deserve RESPECT!" Educators are highly motivated and ready to transform the empty schools into learning environments for our students. Without educators and students to fill these schools they sit like dormant empty shells. When we return to our schools we make the magic happen. We make school the special place where students thrive and learn both educationally and socially. Educators know how to teach, we know how students learn, and we are the professionals that make our schools an asset to the military community.

K-5 ELA Online Summer Training -- Many educators who took the K -5 online summer training noted that it would have been beneficial to actually have the text materials in hand while doing the training. FEA SR had requested materials to be on hand prior to the online training. The agency was unable to get these materials to educators prior to the summer training due to procurement issues. DoDEA must do a better job of supporting the real needs and requests of educators at the school level.

FOSS Science -- The three-day late release for K- 5 FOSS Science training was very valuable. For once DoDEA used trainers hired by FOSS. Many of these trainers actually used FOSS in their own classrooms and were able to share meaningful strategies with DoDEA educators.

BAS -- The agency has ignored the unions concerns about BAS being implemented in classrooms without the use of substitute teachers. Teachers are testing individual students with the BAS (an assessment which could last over thirty minutes per individual student) while the rest of the class is working on tasks without support from an educator. Children as young as first grade are forced to work on their own for long periods of time. This is not the best learning environment for young children. DoDEA should correct their mistaken strategy and provide substitutes during BAS testing.

Academic Credits Case - FEA-Stateside won an arbitration award granting back pay and salary adjustments to employees who have been improperly denied compensation for some academic credits. FEA-SR filed a grievance over the Agency's improper denial of Academic Salary Lane Credits that were earned before the award of an educator's first Master's degree. FEA successfully challenged the issue in DoDDS in 2012; however, DDESS continues to deny Academic Salary Lane Credits that were earned before the award of an educator's first Master's Degree.
On Friday, July 20, 2018, Arbitrator Charles Murphy issued an award granting FEA-SR's grievance. The award orders the agency to place impacted employees on the correct pay lane, and to pay impacted employees back pay for the pay and benefits they were improperly denied since November 2010. FEA-SR expects the implementation will take some time (DoDEA still has not fully compensated all impacted DoDDS employees), but will fight to ensure our members are fairly compensated. FEA-SR will provide more information as the case moves forward.

Know Your Rights -- MLA - Article 8 Section 10--Compensation Information
a Upon being hired, and thereafter at the beginning of each school year, each unit member will be provided an applicable salary schedule.
b Upon a bargaining unit member submitting a written request to the Agency within the first sixty (60) days of each new school year, the Agency will provide the unit member with a worksheet (Appendix D) explaining their salary breakdown for the year. If necessary, the worksheet will be updated and redistributed once during the year if the employee so requests in writing. The worksheet will reflect what the employee has earned by pay period compared with what the employee has received and the cumulative result of salary earned compared to salary paid. This information will allow employees to identify the pay period(s) in which salaries earned and paid are at a "break-even" point.

MLA Certified -The MLA remains in full force and effect until a new agreement is legally implemented. An update about the status of contract bargaining can be found at