August 2015 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Jane Loggins - FEA Director for DDESS

Dorothy L. Lee - FEA-SR General Counsel

Welcome Back to School!

This is our first newsletter as of the 2015-2016 school year! It has already been a busy start!


  • CCRSM-Elementary Math-We have gotten quite a bit of feedback on the two day early return CCRSM training going on in our elementary schools. After attending the CCRSM training at Fort Campbell on July 27 and 28 it is apparent the training is not perfect. HQ has been responsive to concerns and questions raised by the Association and local members. Many of the concerns raised involved technical issues with the CCRSM links in Schoology and the lack of training our teachers have had in Schoology. HQ is actively trying to correct the technical issues. As you begin to plan with the units and find issues with the lessons or links, please let your local president know and we will make sure HQ addresses these concerns.
  • School Visits-During a recent visit to Fort Knox and Fort Campbell with FEA President Chuck McCarter we were able to meet with members and visit schools. We were excited to see the new schools being built on both installations. We also enjoyed time spent in training at Knox with the new local President Debbie Rozenkrantz and her board. At Fort Campbell local Certified and Classified presidents, Venita Garnett and Mari Fortin, provided us opportunities to meet with members and see the wonderful educational practices occurring at Fort Campbell.
  • FEA NEA Common Core Class-This past weekend Fort Campbell Education Association hosted the NEA/FEA Common Core Class developed and implemented by FEA Secretary/Treasurer and NEA Director for the FEA, Brian Chance. The training provided teachers attending with opportunities to collaborate, learn together and prepare for the change to College and Career Ready Standards. This training will also be offered at Fort Stewart and everyone is encouraged to attend. This is the professional development our DDESS employees deserve!
  • Update on the Pending Certified MLA from Dorothy Lee FEASR General Council-
    On April 28, 2015, the Arbitrator, Ace Hilpp, issued a final decision on the proposed contents of the Parties future Master Labor Agreement (MLA). Within thirty days of the decision both the Agency and the Association filed Exceptions with the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) challenging the legality of many portions of the Arbitrator's decision. As part of the procedure when filing an Exception the parties are asked if they wish to participate in the FLRA's alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure. This procedure, if agreed to by both Parties, allows the parties to jointly work with two FLRA attorney case writers to see if there is a possibility of jointly resolving the issues in dispute. The process is completely voluntary and may be discontinued at any time by either Party. The Association, when filing it Exception, answered that it was interested in the ADR procedure. The Agency subsequently agrees to participate. We will be meeting at the FLRA office in Washington DC to begin the ADR process the week of August 24, 2015. If no resolution is reached during the ADR process the Exceptions filed by both Parties will proceed to the FLRA for a decision. At this point no one can predict what will be in the contents of the next MLA. It is important to understand that until all issues with the future MLA are resolved, the current MLA remains in full force and effect
  • Classroom Moves and Grade Level Changes-Each year we have issues getting our members the required time per the MLA for their moves and transitions. FEASR has a signed MOU that states dates and times for moves are to be listed on the reassignment letter.
  • Fall Area Council-Area Council will take place in Nashville, TN from September 17-19. FEA President Chuck McCarter will be joining us for our meeting.

I wish everyone a wonderful start for school year 2015-2016!