August 2014 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Jane Loggins
FEA Director for DDESS

Dorothy L. Lee
FEA-SR General Counsel

Welcome Back to School!

This is my first newsletter as FEA Director for DDESS and I am pleased and excited to be working for you in my new position.


  • Read 180 Next Generation-We are currently working on finalizing an MOU with HQ. As soon as a signed agreement is reached, we will post it on the FEA web site.
  • FLES Review-A FLES review will be conducted by HQ in the following locations: Bragg, Campbell, Benning, Knox and Stewart. This is not a review of the FLES teacher but a review of the FLES program.
  • K-3 Literacy Intervention-Dodea has purchased the The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI). Materials will be sent to our school in late August or early September. FEA/SR is currently preparing to bargain the implementation of the reading intervention program.
  • DDESS SPED Action Plan Training-The area service center is providing training to our districts in the area of Positive Behavioral Support. This training plan was developed in consultation with the association as a result of multiple issues dealing with student behavior. Most special education teachers and para-professionals should be involved in this training as well as local presidents.
  • Classroom Moves and Grade Level Changes-Each year we have issues getting our members the required time per the MLA for their moves and transitions. FEASR has a signed MOU that states dates and times for moves are to be listed on the reassignment letter.
  • Fall Area Council-Area Council will take place in Peachtree City, GA from October 2-5. FEA President Chuck McCarter and FEA Executive Director H.T. Nguyen will be joining us for our meeting.
  • MLA-Contract Arbitration-At this time the arbitrator is still reviewing all proposals for the new contract. Until we have a new-signed MLA, the current MLA for certified employees will remain in effect.

I wish everyone a wonderful start for school year 2014-2015!