July 2014 FEA Stateside Newsletter

JULY 18, 2014

Certified MLA: At this time we have not received word of the arbitrator decision on our master labor agreement. This means that teachers will continue to receive their step increase plus the 3% increase.

Salary Schedules may be found at the following links:
West Point
Rest of DDESS
Also note the memorandum of understanding that for this school year and next school year addressing teachers' pay spread over 27 pay periods. Teachers are strongly encouraged to request a copy of their salary pay spreadsheet from their payroll technician.

Severance Pay Woes: During our discussion this morning, Jul 18th with Dr. Middlemiss and Dr. Austin the concern was raised about teachers not receiving their severance pay. Dr. Middlemiss had already spoken with Bryan Weekley, HR Director, who relayed to her the message that the ‘proverbial ball' was dropped by the DLA, the Agency that processes the paperwork that goes to DFAS.

I received a call later in the morning from Bryan Weekley about this situation. Understanding how critical the severance pay is to those facing separation, Mr. Weekley assured me that the paperwork for processing the severance pay was submitted to DLA by the deadline date, June 30, once PTC was sure of those who could not be placed into positions at this time. It wasn't until July 15 that the DLA contacted Peachtree City and told them they were not going to process the severance pay paperwork until they had received a retention list, even though DLA should only be processing what has been submitted to them.

While the DLA processed the actions yesterday and forwarded to DFAS, it was not in time for the July 18th payday. Mr. Weekley checked into special pay but DFAS cannot do that in this situation. Either Bryan Weekley or Rusty Rollins, PTC Customer Service Branch supervisor will let me know as soon as they have received a definitive date of when that severance pay can be expected.

This is a terrible situation for those who were counting on and needing this money. I will be drafting a letter to Mr. Brady, DODEA Director, about this problem. It is my understanding that he has been planning a meeting with DLA about some other issues so we feel he needs to understand this concern and add this to his agenda. DLA should not be making decisions; rather, they should quite simply process actions that have been forwarded to them by Peachtree City.

In conclusion, during the past few months, the FEASR incoming director, Jane Loggins, has been kept informed of the issues concerning all of our members. Effective 28 July, Jane will officially take on the position of FEA Director for DDESS. Jane will work alongside Dorothy Lee, our Uniserv Director who, as of July 13th, has been working with FEA for 26 years and carries a wealth of knowledge for our Association. For me, it has been an amazing experience and a true pleasure to work alongside Dorothy and her husband Ray Lee -- a formidable legal team for our FEASR members - as well as the many local leaders who, over the past six years, have work so hard to keep FEASR strong and to ensure members are well-served. I also send many, many thanks to Susan Tipton who has served as my administrative right arm for six years. After a total of 12 years as our assistant, Susan will ‘pass the torch' in October to Teresa Lee, newly retired DDESS teacher.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve these six years. I wish the new leadership much success and FEASR continuing strength.