May 28 2010 FEA Stateside Update

May 28, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Support Settlement Update: We have forwarded the names of those who have experienced problems with the annual leave payout that was the result of the Settlement Agreement for the Support Master Labor Agreement. Bryan Weekley has assured me that he is looking into those concerns. While I have not heard directly, I believe those who are eligible for a cash payment under the Settlement Agreement will see that in the June 11 paycheck. Please let your local association president know, in writing, of any problems with this.

Bargaining: Dorothy Lee and I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week at HQ to discuss and bargain the multitude of new programs and changes coming our way. Once those final documents, the signed MOUs, are ready they will be forwarded to the local presidents. Topics included the upgrade to Microsoft 2007 for SY 2010; the Speech-Language 3:1 Service Delivery Model; FLES mandatory testing; Math K-5 Common Assessments; and SPED Monitoring.

PSCD Home Visits: Also discussed during while at HQ was the topic of home visits for Pre-K and PSCD students. The beginning of this school year had misunderstandings about home visits for the PreK and PSCD programs; therefore specific guidance for home visits for school year 2010-2011 will be forwarded to school administrators. "For school-year 2010-2011, school principals should discuss and develop a home visit plan that will meet the needs of their students with Pre-K and PSCD educators. This discussion should take place no later than the first date educators' return to school for the new school year." If the home visits will take three days for the teacher and paraprofessional to complete, the students will start on the 4th instructional day of the school year.

ASPEN Pilot Expansion: This was also on the table for discussion during our HQ visit. More schools have been added to the pilot expansion: at Quantico Ashurst ES, Russell ES and Burrows ES have been added. In the NC district Butner ES, TT2 ES, Albritton Jr. HS and Irwin ES have been added. In other areas, the three schools at Laurel Bay have been added along with Ft. Benning schools - Faith, McBride and Dexter. The Kentucky district will include Ft. Campbell HS and Walker Intermediate School. The training plan has two days of early returns for the ET, the nurses and the counselors. Teachers will be using the attendance module, so a short training is planned for the start of the school year. K-3 teachers will also have a later training for inputting grades into the system.

ASPEN - SPED Module Implementation: While at HQ we were put on notice that DODEA would like to move forward with a pilot of the ASPEN Special Education Data Management System (Aspen-SPED). The proposal was to start with those schools that were part of the original ASPEN core pilot program (Quantico MS/HS, Dahlgren, Lejeune HS and McNair ES) . Further discussions will be necessary.

NEA RA and FEA Annual Meeting:New Orleans will be the host city for the FEA Annual Meeting and NEA Representative Assembly (RA). The annual meeting will be held at the Chateau Bourbon on 30 June and 1 July, and is open to all members. The FEASR delegates are: David Presley, Diane Brown, Wanda Beatty and Wilhelmina Sapp. You are encouraged to contact your delegates if you have an issue or idea. You can also attend as a guest. To learn more, go to

With some of our schools finishing today, Friday, the 28th, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for the incredible hard work that you have done this year. While faced with many challenges, as always, our teachers and staff did what was right for kids even when faced with less than stellar situations. Now it is time to rest a bit, recover and take care of you.

Have a wonderful summer!