May 2015 FEA Stateside Update

Jane Loggins, FEA Director for DDESS

Dorothy L. Lee, FEA-SR General Counsel

VERA/VSIP/RIF- We have seen a reduction in the number of employees impacted by the RIF. This reduction has occurred due to employees being placed into new open positions. The original projection was that 159.2 full time employees were going to be effected. That number has been reduced to 48.7. As we close out the school year, we hope to continue to see that number continue to fall.

MLA Update- On April 28, 2015, the Arbitrator, Ace Hilpp, issued a final decision on the MLA. Both the Agency and the Association will have the opportunity to file an Exception (appeal the decision) to the Federal Labor Relations Authority over the Arbitrator's Final Decision on the MLA. Once the FLRA receives all Exceptions and Responses to Exceptions, the FLRA will issue a decision on what will be contained in the final MLA. We have no way of knowing when the decision will be issued nor how the FLRA will rule on any Exceptions (appeals) filed. We will let you know when we hear anything from the FLRA.

Travel-Thank you to the Guam Education Association for all of their hospitality on our visit to Guam. We were able to visit all of the Guam schools and talk with members about concerns. We had a wonderful training session with GEA leaders. The end of the year social was also an evening we will never forget! In May I will travel to Quantico and Dahlgren to take part in the CCR Math Training, meet with members and visit the new school Crossroads.

Summer-Many of our schools are preparing for the end of the year. Some will be finishing at the end of this month. Some schools, like my own, Marshall Elementary, will close forever! This is a time of major transition within DoDEA. FEA/SR will continue to keep you informed as we get more information about this transformation plan.