April 2014 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Teresa Arvidson - FEA Director for DDESS
Dorothy L. Lee - FEA-SR General Counsel

APRIL 2014

VSIP/VERA: In speaking with Mr. Weekley, Human Resource Officer at Peachtree City, the VERA/VSIP offers are gradually being sent to the schools. As PTC HRO plans this process, they have had to keep in mind the varied Spring Break schedules for each district. In the past, this process was overseen between DDESS and DODEA HQ; however the process has changed this year. DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) now reviews the applicant information, develops the retirement estimate and forwards that back to DDESS. Until DDESS receives this crucial information to provide to the VERA/VSIP applicant, they cannot make the VERA/VSIP offer. Once an applicant receives an offer, they are given a ‘short turn-around' to make their decision. PTC HR is well aware of the timeline they are facing in regards to providing notice to those staff members who may be negatively impacted by the RIF. Their deadline is scheduled for 28 April to provide such notice.

MOUs: We are currently addressing MOUs for the Culinary Arts Program training and the new Health Science materials. Bargaining is pending for professional development for ESL educators (to include the use of new Math materials), training for counselors on the revision of DODEA High School Graduation Requirements, the change to Medical Power of Attorney, Background Investigation checks, and the use of the new high school Science texts. Once completed, members can review the MOUs on the FEA website, or contact your local Association president.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION/MEDIATION: Mediation for all unresolved Articles, Sections, Subsections and Appendices continued the week of 31 March to 4 April. The team heads back to the table this week, resuming begin 8 April and concluding 18 April.

RAND STUDY: The study is ongoing. Please contact your local Association president for important information and ‘talking points' if you have been selected to participate in this study, or go to Keep in mind that you should not access this while using a government computer or while working on government property/time.

FEASR AREA DIRECTOR ELECTIONS: All members should have received the ballot for the Area Director Elections. The deadline to vote is approaching. If you have not received your ballot, please contact your local president for a ballot an exercise your right to vote.

HCR ELECTIONS: The election for the FEASR HCR (Human and Civil Rights Coordinator) will be conducted this spring. Notice has been sent to all district presidents. Please note the deadline is quickly approaching to submit nominations/self-nominations - 11 April 2014.This position is a two year commitment with the representative being an active member of the FEASR council.

PRE-RETIREMENT/ RETIREMENT MEMBERSHIP: Thanks to Lisa Ali, Europe Area Director, for information regarding FEA and/or NEA Retiree Membership. The NEA/FEA retired dues are lifetime dues. Once a member pays the retired dues amount, he/she is not charged again for retired dues; however, he/she must continue to pay full active dues while employed. For FEA Retiree Membership, information and membership forms are on the FEA website at Members should click on "Join FEA" on the right column, then "join now" and then "FEA/NEA Retired and Pre-retired membership".

DAHLGREN VICTORY: Great news from local Association president Felicia Hibbeler -- their 8th grade girls took the regional ‘Sea Perch' contest, a national challenge for middle and high school about building underwater robotics. There is great excitement as the girls prepare to head to the national competition!

CONGRATULATIONS SYLVIA CRAWFORD! Sylvia Crawford, a gifted resource educator and member of the Fort Campbell Education Association is a recent recipient of the prestigious Michael Caudill Educator Award, acknowledging her contributions to gifted education and her advocacy for children who are gifted and talented in her work in the Fort Campbell schools. This recognition was awarded to Sylvia from The Kentucky Association for Gifted Education, a nonprofit volunteer group of parents, teachers, administrators and citizens interested in promoting appropriate educational opportunities for gifted and talented youth in Kentucky.