April 2015 FEA Stateside Update

FEA Stateside Update

April 2015

Jane Loggins, FEA Director for DDESS
Dorothy L. Lee, FEA-SR General Counsel

VERA/VSIP/RIF-General Notices of RIF, Reduction in Force, were given out in DDESS on March 27th. VERA VSIP offers are still being given in local districts where employees are affected by RIF. We could see individual notices of RIF given to employees within the next two weeks. The agency can use VERA VSIP after individual RIF notices have gone out to open positions for employees affected by the RIF. Employees who receive an individual RIF notice cannot get a VERA VSIP offer. The RIF greatly impacts Fort Campbell and Fort Stewart. The HR team from the Area Service Center plans to visit local districts impacted to assist members affected by RIF. When we were first notified of the RIF we were told 158 employees would be affected in DDESS. As of now, that number has been reduced to 86 employees in DDESS. We are thankful this number has been reduced through the use of VERA VSIP. However, we would like to see this number reduced further.

Background Check-FEASR recently signed an MOU on Background Checks in DDESS The MOU is located at the FEA website, , you will need your membership number and password to access this site.

Stateside Area Council-The Stateside Area Council will be held April 16-19, 2015, at the DDESS Area Service Center in Peachtree City, Ga. Local presidents, FEA leaders and invited guests will be in attendance. On Friday, we meet with DDESS leaders to discuss issues within our districts. On Saturday, we discuss FEASR issues. The Saturday meeting is open to all.

Travel-In March, FEASR General Counsel Dorothy Lee and I traveled to the Area Service Center in Peachtree City, GA for mediation of grievances. In April, we will attend the Stateside Area Council in Peachtree City, GA. We will visit Guam later this month to meet with members and tour our schools in our most remote DDESS location. I also hope to visit the new Crossroads School at Quantico before the end of the school year.