April 2018 FEA Stateside Newsletter


Guam ESP -- Welcome to all new Guam Education Support Professionals active members. FEA SR is so pleased to represent another ESP unit. This new unit will soon elect representatives to include a local president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and HCR. We will work with the local members establishing election procedures that are aligned to the FEA Constitution.

NEA Representative Assembly -- The NEA Representative Assembly will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July. FEA SR elected representatives to the RA includes, Diane Gibbs, Laura Hastings, Annitra Smith-Lincoln, Donelle Pistorino and Jane Loggins. Congratulations to our elected representatives. Thank you to all members who participated in the RA election!

Spring Area Council -- FEA SR Area Council will be held in Arlington, VA on April 20-21. If you are in the area you are welcome to attend the Saturday meeting. Please contact your local president for more information.

K - 5 Science -- Due to a lack of clear communication from DoDEA many of the FOSS live specimens have died being delivered to classrooms. The union made the agency aware of this problem well in advance of many deliveries. DoDEA's lack of response to union concerns and poor communication plan is the reason the many FOSS live specimens did not survive.

Fort Bragg Social Studies Teachers and FEA SR Members Recognized Nationally -- Annitra Smith-Lincoln and Jacqueline Cates have been selected to attend two prestigious educational opportunities. Congratulations to Annitra and Jacqueline! Read the article here.

Know Your Rights -- MLA - Article 21 Section 2--Leave --Sick Leave
Full-time employees shall earn twelve (12) days of sick leave per school year. Part-time employees and employees who work for less than the full school year shall accrue leave on a pro-rated basis.

Sick leave shall accrue at the rate of 0.0632 hours for every one hour the employee is in a pay status during the school year, up to a maximum of 96 hours of sick leave accrued per school year.

Sick leave may be granted to employees on scheduled workdays for the following reasons:
(1) When an employee is incapacitated and unable to perform his/her duties due to sickness, injury, or maternity;
(2) For employee medical, dental, optical, or psychological examination or treatment;
(3) When the employee is exposed to a contagious disease, as determined by the local health authorities, and the presence of the employee in the workplace would jeopardize the health of co-workers or students;
(4) Illness or death in the employee's immediate family in accordance with 5 C.F.R. 630;
(5) For other reasons authorized by 5 C.F.R. 630.401.

MLA Certified -The MLA remains in full force and effect until a new agreement is legally implemented. An update about the status of contract bargaining can be found at