March 2016 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Jane Loggins -- FEA Director for DDESS

Ben Hunter -- FEA-SR General Counsel
Dorothy L. Lee -- FEA-SR General Counsel

VERA VSIP-Offers of VERA VSIP have started in DDESS. Offers began at Fort Stewart and in our South Carolina schools last week. More districts will begin seeing offers in the next few weeks. The Area Service Center HR team is planning to come to local districts where there are more than 10 employees accepting VERA VSIP to assist employees.

Reduction in Force-FEA-SR has not been officially notified of a RIF in DDESS. After completion of VERA VSIP offers, the Association will be notified if a RIF may impact our employees.

CCRSM-Elementary/Secondary Math-The Association continues to provide feedback on the elementary CCRSM implementation. We also have representation on the committee working on the secondary CCRSM plan, which will begin next school year. We have representatives on the teams reviewing new materials for the coming school year. As materials are purchased, the Association will bargain any training on these new materials before they are implemented in our classrooms.

FEASR Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly-The NEA Representative Assembly will be held in Washington, DC this July. FEA SR has five elected delegates to represent our members. Those elected delegates are Charlotte Autman, Diane Gibbs, Jane Loggins, Dr. Joan Montgomery and David Presley. The first alternate is Pauline Yanagimoto and the second alternate is Scott Hale. Thank you to all who participated in this election.

DDESS Calendar-The Association was given copies of final calendars for DDESS March 16. Those calendars were shared with local presidents.

MLA-Certified-The Association will meet with the Agency in a mediation session over the Certified MLA April 25-29 at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Atlanta, GA. The current Certified MLA remains in full effect.

FEA-SR Area Council -- The FEA SR Spring Area Council will be held in Columbus, GA on April 22 and 23. Members are welcomed to attend the Saturday meeting. Details on the location and time were provided to local presidents.

Some districts have already started Spring Break and more are to begin over the next few weeks. Please have a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break! Enjoy the warmer weather and time with family and friends.