February 2018 FEA Stateside Newsletter


Training -- FEA SR, local association leaders and agency administrators from Quantico, Virtual School, West Point and Dahlgren held a joint training over various topics of the MLA. This joint training proved valuable for all involved. Working together and listening to each other resolving issues is beneficial to both the association and the agency.

BAS -- Kindergarten teachers are currently forced to give the BAS to students without the assistance of substitute teachers. This change puts students at a disadvantage since the classroom teacher is involved in a one on one assessment for most of the literacy block. FEA SR shared its concerns with the agency. We have filed a grievance over the change.

Guam Visit -- Ben Hunter and I will visit Guam at the end of February. We will host membership events for our new Educational Support Professionals' unit in Guam. We will meet with potential members and discuss concerns and the benefits of being a member of FEA SR. During the visit to Guam we will visit the schools, talk with bargaining unit members and the local administrators. Additionally we will spend time meeting with the GEA certified board. Thank you to Denise Sheedy, GEA President, for helping coordinate events for this visit! See you soon!

Know Your Rights -- MLA - Article 6 Section 3--Official Personnel Files

a Only documents or data authorized by Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulations shall be retained in the employee's Official Personnel File (OPF). Only one OPF shall be kept for each unit member, and it shall be maintained at the servicing personnel office. Upon written request, a copy of the OPF will be furnished to the employee.
b In addition to the OPF, the Agency reserves the right to maintain employee file(s) at the DDESS Headquarters, DoDEA Personnel Center, local school district, and/or supervisory levels. Upon written request, the Agency will notify the employee of all files retained on said employee. Employees will have access to, and are authorized to make copies of, documents in their employee file(s) as provided by applicable law, rule, or regulation.
c Information contained in the OPF or any employee file(s) will be made available to authorized persons only for official use as provided by applicable law, rule, or regulation.
d An employee has the right to request in writing that a document(s) be removed from his/her employee file. The Agency will respond expeditiously in writing to any such requests.
e Records of admonishments and letters of caution, warning or requirement, shall not be placed in the employee's OPF. Letters of reprimand and any response thereto, shall be removed from the employee's OPF not later than two years from the date of the letter of reprimand, but may be removed earlier at the supervisor's discretion.
f Unless otherwise required by law, rule, or regulation, Agency officials will not initiate or respond to a request for information about a unit employee, or former unit employee, from a prospective non-Federal employer and/or educational/professional certifying agency unless the employee has submitted a signed release. Absent a requirement under law, rule, or regulation, or a signed release from the employee, the Agency will only provide the following information: name; position(s) held; annual salary; and period(s) of employment.

MLA Certified - The FEA-SR bargaining team met with management for contract mediation on June 26, August 24-25, October 17-19 and January 30-February 1. At the conclusion of the last mediation session, there remained a number of open issues. Until there is a new agreement, the current MLA remains in full force and effect.


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