February 2016 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Jane Loggins -- FEA Director for DDESS

Ben Hunter -- FEA-SR General Counsel
Dorothy L. Lee -- FEA-SR General Counsel

RAND Study - The Pentagon is reviewing the RAND study and how this study could effect the DDESS schools. FEA General Counsel met with officials from the DOD and voiced strong support for our maintaining our excellent DDESS schools.

VERA VSIP - DDESS has requested VERA VSIP authority from Headquarters. DDESS expects VERA VSIP to be offered to employees in categories effected by reduction in force.

Reduction in Force - FEA-SR has not been officially notified of a reduction in force in DDESS. We have been told that enrollment is dropping and DDESS is closing schools at Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell and Fort Benning this year. As soon as we have clear information on what positions will be effected by reduction in force, we will share with members. We will work with DDESS to make sure RIF procedures are followed and employees have access to placement opportunities.

CCRSM-Elementary/Secondary Math - The Association continues to provide feedback on the elementary CCRSM implementation. We also have representation on the committee working on the secondary CCRSM plan, which will begin next school year. We have representatives on the teams reviewing new materials for the coming school year. As materials are purchased, the Association will bargain any training on these new materials before they are implemented in our classrooms.

Opportunity - Daniele Massey, President of the Virtual School and DODEA 2013 Teacher of the year shared information about a Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership program as well as scholarships for this study. Please see the link below for more information. Click here

DDESS Calendar - At this time the Association has not been given copies of final calendars for DDESS. We were told that final changes are being made to the DDESS calendars. The Association was offered the opportunity to provide input into the calendars for DDESS school year 16-17.

MLA-Certified - The Association met with representatives from the Agency in Alternative Dispute Resolution over the Certified MLA. Plans are to work with a mediator over articles of the MLA that are still open. At this time, our current MLA is still in full effect.

FEA-SR Area Council -- The FEA SR Spring Area Council will be held in Columbus, GA on April 22 and 23. Members are welcomed to attend the Saturday meeting. Details on the location and time will be provided to local presidents.

Diamond Elementary School at Fort Stewart was hit by a tornado on February 3, 2016. Damage was also seen throughout the housing area on post. As spring approaches, it is important for all of our schools to relook at emergency procedures for hazardous weather. Our employees and students must have safe working environments.

We are thankful that our students and employees were all safe and no one was injured in the Fort Stewart storm.