December 2015 FEA President's Report

Jane Loggins - FEA Director for DDESS 

Dorothy L. Lee - FEA-SR General Counsel

      CCRSM-Elementary Math-The Association continues to send concerns about the CCRSM implementation to headquarters and the Area Service Center. HQ stated they would share units with the unions for teachers to review prior to being placed on Schoology. This would allow concerns to be addressed prior to global use of the unit and lesson. So far HQ has not shared units prior to posting them on Schoology.


      Health and Safety-MLA Article 11-The Agency must provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment. If the working environment is not safe due to environmental hazards or aggressive behavioral issues, the Association president can file a Health and Safety report. Those reports go to the local superintendent, the FEA Director for DDESS, our attorneys and to the Area Director for Americas. This is a way the union can document and report unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.


      Safe Crisis Management and Administrative Instruction 2510.01-FEASR is discussing Safe Crisis Management and the Administrative Instruction 2510.01 with headquarters. Safe Crisis Management will replace CPI. We have no agreement on this training but have stated that training can occur as we bargain the impact. The Administrative Instruction 2510.01 on Student Behavioral Interventions is also being bargained at the headquarters level. Both Safe Crisis Management and The Administrative Instruction create changes that impact our employees.


      MLA-Certified-The Association will meet with representatives from the Agency in Alternative Dispute Resolution over the Certified MLA. We will meet in ADR once again in January and continue working on the Certified MLA. At this time, our current MLA is still in full effect.

       Welcome - We would like to welcome Benjamin Hunter, FEA UniServ attorney to FEA-SR. Ben is transitioning from his position as FEA attorney for DODDS Europe and will be an additional asset for FEA-SR and our members. FEA-SR will have Dorothy Lee and Ben Hunter working with our presidents and members on legal issues. Ben's transition will occur through the month of January.


Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Enjoy your time off and enjoy this festive time with family and friends! We are looking forward to a New Year!