December 2014 FEA Stateside Update

Jane Loggins, FEA Director for DDESS
Dorothy L. Lee, FEA-SR General Counsel

December 2014

Happy Holidays!


  • Staffing-As of this newsletter, we do not know the actual staffing for DDESS for school year 2015-2016. Dr. Middlemiss at the Area Service Center and her team along with Mr. Brady at HQ, are working on staffing and hope to get information out before the Holiday break. As soon as FEASR receives any information on staffing for next school year, we will share it with each local president. Both HQ and the ASC have been sharing what they can with FEA/FEASR and have stated that they will share factual information on staffing as soon as it is finalized.
  • RIF Concerns-At this time we have no information on a Reduction in Force. What we know is that in DDESS we have one school, Marshall Elementary, at Fort Campbell closing as they build a new Marshall, we have three schools consolidating into one school at Quantico and Fort Campbell has had a unit deactivated. All of these issues may effect staffing and enrollment. As soon as we get any details on this issue, we will share with members.
  • DODEA Initiatives-FEASR is currently working on bargaining MOUs in the areas of LIMS Curriculum, Schoology, Crisis Management Trainings and more! We have not signed any new MOU's as of this newsletter. When FEASR MOUs are signed, they will be posted on the FEAonline website.
  • NEA Representative Assembly information and nomination forms should be posted in your schools. Dues paying members are eligible to be nominated to represent FEASR at the RA. It will be held this summer in Orlando, Florida. The RA is a wonderful experience and if you have not been, you should consider running to participate in this wonderful event.
  • Holiday Extravaganza-Marshall Elementary on Fort Campbell will close at the end of this school year. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the final Holiday musical presentation, "The Jingle Bell Jukebox," last week. The presentation was festive and joyous. Students were singing songs that they will remember for a lifetime and proud parents were recording every second of this happy event. A big thank you goes to Anne Schwartzenburg! Anne is our Marshall music teacher, performance director and Fort Campbell Education Association Building Representative. Each year Anne has provided our students with musical learning performances that will be remembered for a lifetime!
  • Have a wonderful and restful Holiday break! Celebrate all of the good things in life! Spend time with family and friends and enjoy the season!


    Jane Loggins
    FEA Director for DDESS