December 2016 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Jane Loggins -- FEA Director for DDESS
Benjamin Hunter -- FEA-SR General Counsel
Angelia Stubbs -- FEA-SR General Counsel

FLES -- Following discussions with various stakeholder groups, HQ reviewed its previous decision and has decided to "revitalize the FLES program." For the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year, the FLES program will continue as presently constituted. The program will continue for the 2017-2018 school year with the current number of full time employees.

Additional Staffing -- After discussions with FEA SR the agency has decided to provide the Americas with a similar staffing to our DODDS counterparts who have host nation teachers as part of the school staffing. Next year stateside schools will see approximately 34.5 new positions. The agency has decided to place FTE's at Americas schools based on the host nation formula 1 FTE per 15 classrooms in 1-6 grades. Principals will decide if they will use the position for art, music, and/or PE or a combination.

LEA and LESA Sponsor Project Help -- The Lejeune Education Association and the Lejeune Education Support Association helped other educators and schools in need after the flooding in North Carolina. Check out the link below for all of the details! Lejeune Educators Sponsor Project To Help Schools Hard Hit By Flooding

Communication -- During the past two years the Association has shared concerns about the agency's lack of clear communication and lack of response to emails. This poor form of timely communication continues. When agency communication is not clear and DoDEA officials at the highest levels are not responsive, misinformation is spread and rumors develop. We as an association continue to ask for timely and responsive communication from all levels of DoDEA.

VERA VSIP -- FEA SR has not been notified if VERA VSIP will be offered to school level employees this school year. If the agency sees the need for a reduction in force they will notify FEA SR ninety days prior to any action.

Understanding Your Association Rights - MLA Article 6 Section 2 --

Weingarten Rights
a. The Association shall be given the opportunity to be present at any examination of a unit employee by a representative of the Agency concerning an investigation if:
(1) The employee reasonably believes that the examination may result in disciplinary action against the employee; and
(2) The employee requests representation.
b. The Agency shall inform unit employees of their Weingarten rights by posting a written notice, on bulletin boards at each school and by distributing said notice in either written or electronic form, to each individual unit employee during September of each school year. All new employees will receive like notice at the time of hiring.

NEH Summer Programs in the Humanities -- Brian Chance, former NEA Director for FEA, shared this opportunity for quality professional development with stipends to help cover expenses. Suspense date for application: March 1, 2017 -- plan ahead to meet all the requirements. Each workshop/seminar has contact information listed for further information. National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Programs

MLA Certified - The Association met with the Agency in a mediation session over the Certified MLA at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Atlanta, GA. The current Certified MLA remains in full effect. The Association will keep you informed as this process moves forward.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!