October 2012 FEA Stateside Newsletter

MOUs: The MOU for Windows 7 has been fully executed and is available on the FEA website. You will need your member number to see this MOU and the others also available. MOUs pending (under discussion) are for the implementation of ‘Prior Written Notice' (SPED, a SPED tablet pilot program at schools in Ft. Benning and Guam and the use of EpiPens (for emergency use with students, staff and guests who may suffering from severe anaphylaxis while at the school.) As soon as those MOUs are completed, they will be forwarded to your local president and posted on the FEA website.

FEASR HCR (Human and Civil Rights Coordinator) Election: Congratulations to Cynthia Francis as the recently elected HCR Coordinator for FEASR. If you have suggestions for topics and needs for our HCR program, please contact Cynthia.

Fall Area Council: The fall meeting was held at the Peachtree City (PTC) Area Service Center (ASC) on Friday and Saturday, September 21 and 22. Local presidents and guests attended and will be reporting back to the members. We were treated to a visit by Michael Gavin from NEA Member Benefits who reminded us of the many opportunities for members through the Member Benefits program. Of great interest is the NEA Academy which offers online courses for all members, to include ESP professionals! Go to for more information.

NEA Education Support Professional of the Year Award: This award recognizes the contributions of Education Support Professionals to their schools, their communities and their professions. All current Education Support Professional members of an FEASR local association who have been NEA members for three years as of January 15th of the award year are eligible. The deadline for nominations is the close of business December, 5, 2012. Please contact your local support president for more information on how to nominate your deserving colleague.