November 2018 Stateside Newsletter


Federal Service Impasses Panel Meeting Over MLA Negotiations -- The Association in no way considers what was agreed to last week to be a "win", not for educators and certainly not for students. It is a sad indication of the times we are in when the Association has to fight just to retain guaranteed planning time for educators. Planning time is so important to quality instruction in our classrooms. Management's bargaining team clearly did not care about quality instruction, education, teachers or students.

Regarding the agreements that give the agency the discretion to extend the duty day on certain days and to make increases in Stateside salaries proportional to increases in the GS schedule: the FEA-SR bargaining team agreed to those items only when it was made clear to them by the FSIP panel member overseeing the meeting those were the best terms they were going to get, and that if the Association held out and asked the full FSIP to decide between our positions (no increase in the work day and a guaranteed rate of salary increase each year), and managementıs positions (an additional hour of duty time EVERY day and elimination of the locality pay schedules for West Point and Quantico/Dahlgren, while still basing salary increases on the GS schedule percentage), the FSIP would grant management everything they wanted.

Given that information, the bargaining team signed agreements only to prevent worse conditions from being imposed by the FSIP upon the Stateside bargaining unit. Other issues, such as allowing management to reschedule work days cancelled for inclement weather or other reasons (without additional pay), were not agreed to by the bargaining team because neither management nor the FSIP representative offered any middle ground to which the team could agree.

The current heavily pro-management makeup of the FSIP and other formerly neutral labor bodies has given agencies throughout the federal government a weapon to use against employees and the unions that represent them. As demonstrated last week by DoDEA, management under the leadership of Tom Brady intends to use that weapon to inflict as much damage as it can, while it can.

Despite this, the Association will continue to fight to protect the rights and benefits our members have and, in the case of anything taken away from us in the current environment, we will immediately begin the fight to win them back either in future contract negotiations or through any other means we can devise.

This will be a long, difficult fight, but one we can eventually win by sticking together and continuing to stand up for what is best for educators and students.

American Education Week -- November 12 -16 is American Education week. Be proud to show how successful you are as educators and how our students excel in the rich learning environments you create. DoDEA schools would be nothing without everyone in each school supporting the mission to educate military connected students.

Elections -- Vote! Any time you have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote take it! Never miss the opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Red for Respect -- Educators continue wearing RED for RESPECT. We will show our solidarity wearing RED. All educators deserve RESPECT.

Know Your Rights -- MLA - Article 6 Section 2--Association Rights --
Weingarten Rights

a. The Association shall be given the opportunity to be present at any examination of a unit employee by a representative of the Agency concerning an investigation if:

(1) The employee reasonably believes that the examination may result in disciplinary action against the employee; and
(2) The employee requests representation.

b. The Agency shall inform unit employees of their Weingarten rights by posting a written notice, on bulletin boards at each school and by distributing said notice in either written or electronic form, to each individual unit employee during September of each school year. All new employees will receive like notice at the time of hiring.

MLA Certified -The MLA remains in full force and effect until a new agreement is legally implemented. An update about the status of contract bargaining can be found at