October 2014 FEA Stateside Update

October 2014

It has been a very busy start to the year. I have had the opportunity to visit multiple districts and locations including Fort Knox, Fort Bragg, Fort Jackson, Fort Stewart and of course Fort Campbell. In November, I will visit West Point with FEA President Chuck McCarter. More visits are being planned after the first of the year.


  • New Initiatives-HQ sent out a variety of Information Papers with new initiatives for our classrooms and schools. I asked local presidents for feedback on these new pending programs. Lists of some of the programs are provided below.
    • New Edition of the Woodcock Johnson
    • LIMS Curriculum
    • Schoology
    • SPED Behavioral Training to replace CPI
    • Pending Certification Chances for SLP
    • HS Online Math Courseware
  • I had the opportunity to travel to the South Carolina/Fort Stewart District with Dr. Middlemiss last week. We met with local agency and union leadership and discussed the importance of communication and working together to support our students and schools. It was an insightful visit. I was also able to visit classrooms and saw teachers and students doing a wonderful job of teaching and learning.
  • Fall Area Council-We had a wonderful Area Council meeting a few weeks ago. We were able to meet with Dr. Middlemiss and her team for an entire day discussing issues affecting our schools. We also spent a day with FEA leadership collaborating and addressing issues that effect all of our bargaining unit members.
  • Organizational Climate Survey DEOCS-We encourage every employee to take this survey. It should come to your DODEA email.
  • MLA-Contract Status-The arbitrator has issued an interim decision on the Certified MLA. We have appealed portions of the decision. We hope to return to the bargaining table to finalize the pending MLA. The current MLA still is in effect and we continue to have all benefits under the current MLA including our 3% annual pay raise.
  • Congratulations to Jennifer Weber, fifth grade teacher at Murray Elementary School, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Jennifer is a recipient of the 2014 Secretary of Defense Award for Outstanding DOD Employees and Service Members with Disabilities. She will be traveling to the Pentagon in late October to accept this honor.


Jane Loggins
FEA Director for DDESS