October 2015 FEA Stateside Newsletter

Jane Loggins - FEA Director for DDESS

Dorothy L. Lee - FEA-SR General Counsel

CCRSM-Elementary Math - The CCRSM implementation has proven to be very difficult for our teachers and our students. Training provided has been limited to vertical alignment of the standards. Teachers are requesting more time to work on the actual lessons and support each other in this implementation. Materials on Schoology have proven to be far from effective. Some of the lessons do not relate to the CEPAs used to assess students. Teachers are spending way too much time creating lessons to support instruction. The Association has been keeping DODEA Headquarters informed about our concerns with the CCRSM implementation. One positive note is that the Area Service Center was able to provide a half-day PD for K-5 teachers giving them time to collaborate as a grade level. We hope to see more days for collaboration put into place this school year.

FEASR Human and Civil Rights Coordinator - Charlotte Autman is the FEASR Human and Civil Rights Coordinator. Charlotte has done a wonderful job scheduling and implementing NEA Human Civil Rights trainings within our DDESS Districts. NEA offers many training options that can be used for college credit. If you are interested in having training in your district, please let your local president know. Your president will contact Charlotte and she will begin the process of setting up NEA training.

MLA-Certified - Next week the Association will meet with Agency representatives in Alternative Dispute Resolution over the certified MLA. This will be our second week of ADR. The Federal Labor Relations Authority will be present to assist in this meeting. The Associations ADR team consists of Jane Loggins-FEA Director for DDESS, Dorothy Lee-FEA-SR General Council, Laura Hastings-Certified President Camp Lejeune and Diane Gibbs-Certified President Fort Bragg. Please remember that the current MLA is still our legal contract with the Agency.

Announcements at Faculty Meetings and Orientation - MLA Article 6 Section 5

a. The Association will be afforded the opportunity to make a presentation of not more than ten (10) minutes during the initial school district, and school building meeting, of each new school year, regardless of when the school district meeting is held.

b. The Association will be afforded the opportunity to make announcements at any scheduled school district and school faculty/staff meeting.

c. The Association will also be afforded the opportunity to make a presentation of at least ten (10) minutes prior to the end of scheduled new employee formal orientations.

Fall Area Council - Fall Area Council was held in Nashville, TN last month. Dr. Emily Marsh and Dr. Fran Austin were able to attend and address questions and concerns. We have some unresolved issues that still need to be addressed. We will continue to meet with the Agency and work through these issues.