Special Update on MLA

Jane Loggins - FEA Director for DDESS
Dorothy L. Lee - FEA-SR General Counsel

Posted January 30, 2015

Special Update on the MLA

  • MLA Appeal Update-As I stated in my January Newsletter, after bargaining for a numbers of years, engaging in mediation to impasse, and participating in arbitration, we were now waiting on a decision from the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) on the status of the Arbitrator's decision concerning the proposed MLA that will replace the current MLA for the Certified Bargaining Unit. It was the Agency's position that the Arbitrator's decision was final and binding and needed to be implemented. It was the Association's position that the Arbitrator's decision was an interim decision, which needed additional work. We are pleased to announce we have received a final decision from the FLRA stating "since the Arbitrator did not resolve all issues before him at arbitration" the exceptions are dismissed as premature. The parties are to return to the table and work with the mediator/arbitrator to either reach a final master labor agreement through bargaining or through a final decision by the arbitrator. While we continue to work towards a new MLA, the current Master Labor Agreement for the Certified Bargaining Unit remains in effect. We will keep you posted as we continue to work the bargaining process.
  • New Background Check Procedures-FEASR has not yet signed an agreement on new background check procedures with headquarters. We are currently bargaining this issue. FEA-DODDS has signed an agreement but FEASR bargaining unit members are not covered by the DODDS agreement.
  • VERA/VSIP/RIF-We hope to see some initial VERA VSIP offers sent out late next week or perhaps the following week. Once the VERA VSIP offers have been accepted, the Area Service Center will begin to look into the need to run a possible Reduction in Force. FEASR has not been officially notified of a Reduction on Force at this time.