January 2015 FEA Stateside Update

Jane Loggins
FEA Director for DDESS

Dorothy L. Lee
FEA-SR General Counsel

January 2015


  • VERA/VSIP Announcement for DDESS-Last week we received the VERA/VSIP Announcement for DDESS. Please read this announcement very carefully. If you are interested in a possible early retirement, regular retirement, or leaving the system you may want to request a VERA/VSIP by using the attached form in the announcement and sending it to Leo Sanchez at the Area Service Center. Applying for VERA/VSIP is not a binding agreement. Employees who are approved and offered a VERA/VSIP will be provided a time period to accept or decline the offer. Please also make sure that you request a retirement estimate from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Benefits Office through the link provided in the VERA/VSIP announcement. Having this estimate will allow individuals considering VERA/VSIP to make informed decisions.
  • Reduction in Force (RIF) Concerns-FEASR has not been given official notification of a Reduction in Force (RIF) in DDESS. We have been notified that we have excess positions in DDESS. However, it is not known how many of these positions will still be considered excess after the VERA/VSIP offers are accepted. We will have more specifics and any need to have a Reduction in Force (RIF) after the VERA/VSIP process has been completed. As soon as FEASR is notified of any Reduction in Force we will share that information.
  • Standard Form 50 -Now is the time to check your Standard Form 50 and make sure your personal information is correct. It is important to verify the position code in box 22, as well as tenure status in block 24, veterans preference for RIF status in block 26, and the service computation date in block 31 are all accurate. If they do not reflect accuracy please contact your local president and they can assist you in making contact with HR personnel.
  • MOUs-FEASR is currently working on bargaining MOUs in the areas of Schoology and Crisis Management Training. We have not signed an MOU on Schoology as of the date of this newsletter. When FEASR MOUs are signed, they will be posted on the FEAonline website.
  • Pending Certified MLA Status- After several years of bargaining the MLA to replace the current MLA for the teachers' unit, the parties reached impasse and after mediation/arbitration a draft decision was received from the arbitrator.╩ Both the Agency and the Association have filed exceptions to the draft decision with the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), the Agency arguing that the draft decision should be implemented as a final decision and the Association arguing that the draft decision should not be implemented as the arbitrator said there is still much work to be done before we have a final MLA.╩ In addition to the question whether the draft MLA should be implemented, each side is claiming provisions of the draft MLA are unlawful. We are waiting on a decision from the FLRA, hopefully confirming that the parties need to return to the table and finish bargaining over the MLA to eventually replace the current MLA. At this time the current certified MLA is still the current contract for certified employees.
  • NEA Representative Assembly-The FEASR NEA RA election will take place January 26-30, 2015. Dues paying members are eligible to be nominated to represent FEASR at the RA. It will be held this summer in Orlando, Florida. The RA is a wonderful experience and if you have not been, you should consider running to participate in this event.
  • Educational Support Professionals Conference-The NEA Educational Support Professional╒s (ESP) Conference will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from March 6-8, 2015. FEASR has two members who have been chosen to attend this event. Allen Denison and Donna Meier, both Camp Lejeune ESP members will represent FEASR at this conference. Congratulations to both Donna and Allen!
  • Common Core Math Work Group-DODEA has chosen to move forward with the Common Core Curriculum in the area of K-5 Mathematics. A meeting was held last week at Headquarters to begin work on this implementation. Marcia Jones, Math Instructional Support Teacher from Fort Rucker, represented FEASR. Thank you Marcia for the time and hard work supporting FEASR in the Common Core Math work group!


January 2015