VERA VSIP Update #2


Special Update # 2 VERA VSIP

Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay -- VERA and VSIP are being offered to school level professional educators in DDESS/Stateside and Guam. DoDEA has shared with the Union that classified school level employees are not eligible at this time. Certified employees interested in applying for VERA VSIP should do so. Applying for VERA VSIP does not guarantee it will be offered. If an employee is offered a VERA or VSIP they can decline the offer.

SF 50 Box 15 Position Title and Number -- If your current position title is not correct, DoDEA HR has stated that the educator should contact their principal and let them know of the inaccuracy. The principal should then complete a request for personnel action to assure the correct and current position is listed on the SF 50.

CHRA and Retirement Briefings -- DoDEA HR stated that retirement briefings, individual, group or video are now done by CHRA. The union requested that active URL's for CHRA be sent to educators for easier access. Below is a link to the CHRA DoDEA retirement briefing schedule. Click here

CHRA - FERS Pre Retirement Briefing Slides - Click here

FLES -- In a recent meeting, Dr. Linda Curtis assured FEA SR that any FLES teacher who is not certified in another area would be given extended time to recertify in a new teaching category.