January 2016 FEA Stateside Newsletter


January 2016

Jane Loggins -- FEA Director for DDESS
Ben Hunter -- FEA-SR General Counsel
Dorothy L. Lee -- FEA-SR General Counsel

RAND Study - FEA-SR was informed that a Pentagon committee is reviewing the latest draft of the RAND Study. The leaders of FEA-SR were briefed by information that the Agency provided to us. FEA-SR and FEA will work together with other contacts to support our schools. As more information comes forward we will share with local leaders and keep members informed.

VERA VSIP - VERA VSIP has not yet been offered at the school level in DDESS. The Area Service Center is looking at current staffing and will make decisions on VERA VSIP in the near future. As soon as the Association is given information we will share with our members.

CCRSM-Elementary/Secondary Math - The Association continues to provide feedback on the elementary CCRSM implementation. We also have representation on the committee working on the secondary CCRSM plan, which will begin next school year. We have representatives on the teams reviewing new materials for the coming school year. As materials are purchased, the Association will bargain any training on these new materials before they are implemented in our classrooms.

Restructuring for Student Achievement - As DODEA Headquarters continues to move forward with the plan of Restructuring for Student Achievement, the Association continues to question how the restructured districts will effect our bargaining unit members. This restructuring plan is for above school level employees. However, our school level employees feel the impact. Employees need to know who is in place to support our administrative structure. As we learn more about this plan we will share and continue to ask questions and seek answers.

DDESS Calendar - The Agency provided FEA-SR with a draft of a DDESS calendar. The Association has provided input to the draft calendar. We feel that calendars in DDESS need to align with the local school districts surrounding our bases. There must be flexibility in the DDESS calendars so that the schedule supports the needs of our students' families, the command and our employees.

MLA-Certified - The Association will meet with representatives from the Agency in Alternative Dispute Resolution over the Certified MLA. At this time, our current MLA is still in full effect.

FEA-SR Area Council -- The FEA SR Spring Area Council will be held in Columbus, GA on April 22 and 23. Members are welcomed to attend the Saturday meeting. Details on the location and time will be provided to local presidents.

It seems like January is flying by, soon it will be February! Below are a few links, which may be useful for planning lessons during February.


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