January 15, 2014 FEA Stateside Region Newsletter


FEASR AREA Council: The next area council of district leaders for the certified and the classified professionals is scheduled to be held at Peachtree City (PTC) Area Service Center (ASC) February 28 and 29th. In addition to joint discussions with our Agency counterparts on Friday, the Saturday session is reserved for internal Association training and discussion. Please let your local leaders know of issues you feel should be addressed by the council at this time. On this Saturday, time will also be set aside to provide an opportunity for candidates running for the position of FEA Director for DDESS to address the council. Please contact Terry Arvidson at this email if you wish to address the council or wish to have a colleague do so on your behalf.

Contract Negotiations: Negotiations for a new contract for certified staff (teachers) were held at the Peachtree City (PTC) Area Service Center (ASC) the week of 2 -6 December. This was the fifth session over the past 4 years. At this time an MOU has been reached to now move to mediation for all unresolved Articles, Sections, Subsections and Appendices. If, after the mediation session(s )there are still unresolved Articles, Sections, Subsections and Appendices, the parties will be declared at impasse and will jointly request that the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) approve binding arbitration of the negotiation impasse. In the meantime the current Master Labor Agreement remains in effect.

Integrated Library System: We have just reached an agreement (MOU) with Peachtree City for the training on and implementation of the Millennium System to be used by Information Specialists. It is important to note that DODEA HQ is providing sub days for this training. The Information Specialists will not be able to attend the training and operate the IC; therefore we are asking that teachers in the schools be patient during this time. A copy of the MOU has been forwarded to the local presidents and will be posted on the FEA website.

RAND Study: There is no update at this time. DODEA has a special place for information about the study on their website available here. Our colleagues at FEA Washington have done a stellar job supporting our efforts to address this with a special newsletter outlining what we all need to understand and be prepared to ‘educate' others. That newsletter has been disseminated and local presidents will be working with their leaders in the school as we move forward.

Pay Freeze: Good news for many of our support professionals is that the pay freeze has been lifted and they will see a bit of extra money in their pay. We continue to try and fight to reverse the negative affect on our support professionals who were furloughed in 2013.

IN MEMORIAM -- By now many of you may be aware of the recent passing of our dear friend and colleague, Caroline Myers. Caroline was a longtime local president and the former Stateside Area Director. No words can do justice to her as a wonderful leader and a delightful person. She was a role model in every way, and even the ‘Yankee' me learned a few ‘southern style' tips. She will be sorely missed. In accordance with her family's wishes, FEASR will send a donation {made in Caroline B. Myers's} name to:

Dr. Courtney DiNardo
Department of Leukemia (Unit 428)
M D Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030


Teresa Arvidson
FEA Director for DDESS