DoDEA Mum on RIF Possibility

posted December 3, 2018

Responding to questions from FEA prompted by rumors of a potential RIF, DoDEA has confirmed that it is engaged in "contingency planning" for a possible reduction in the Department of Defense budget, including funding for DoDEA.

Asked via email about the possibility of a significant reduction in force or excessing of employees, DoDEA neither confirmed nor denied the possibility. FEA was told that, because the Department of Defense has been ordered to plan for a budget reduction, DoDEA is working on contingency plans, but that no decisions had yet been finalized.

FEA has asked for more information as DoDEA's planning process goes forth and we pointed out that the military families served by DoDEA schools, as well as our bargaining unit members who work in those schools, should be given a chance to make their feelings known before any cuts are decided upon.

It is FEA's position that, should any cuts be made to DoDEA's budget, every effort must be made to avoid cutting school-level personnel, particularly those who work directly with students and in support of classroom education. DoDEA's contingency plan should not consider cuts that would increase class sizes or reduce essential student and school services. Instead, the agency should look for savings at the above-school level and by eliminating its spending on outside consultants and inefficient programming/curriculum purchases.

At this point, the possibility of budget cuts is just that: a possibility. The cuts may not happen or the scope of them may be reduced as the budget process is carried out. FEA will continue to update our members and the public as the situation becomes clearer and as we learn more about DoDEA's plans for this contingency.