September 1 2011 FEA President's Report

To: FEA Members and Local Leaders Worldwide
From: Michael Priser, FEA President
Re: FEA President's Report
Date: September 1, 2011

ANOTHER TOP DOWN INITIATIVE -- DoDEA Headquarters has announced that it has hired an outside agency (HQ has not disclosed how much this initiative will cost) to develop a new DoDEA-wide Community Strategic plan. The last CSP was revised in 2008. Arlington rejected FEA's request that input for the CSP be gathered at the school level in all three areas. Instead, a thirty-five-member team (less than 10% of which will be classroom teachers) will be flown to Arlington this month to give input to this outside firm over a four-day period. The outside firm will take the data and formulate the CSP. FEA again asked that scarce resources not be taken away from teachers and students and that top down initiatives be halted. Message to DoDEA Headquarters: Start Maximizing the Learning!

ATTENTION K-3 TEACHERS - (the following information applies only to those in the Pacific, Guantanamo and FEA-represented areas of Europe) As you may already know, DoDEA has adopted a new early childhood reading assessment for students in grades kindergarten, first, second and third grades. This is to replace the DRA (DRA-2). FEA has negotiated a comprehensive plan to pilot this program over the next two years. Input about this assessment is very important to us as we move forward to serve student in reading. We will be asking for your feedback in January.
FEA has posted the MOU on our website ( but please know the parameters of this new program:
  1. All K-3 teachers, including special education teachers and reading specialists, will receive a full day of training on this assessment. Assessment will not begin until teachers have been trained. Follow-up training will be held in January. No training is to be done on a teacher's preparation time.

  2. All K-3 teachers, including special education teachers and reading specialists, will have their own reading kits.

  3. You have the right to request a substitute teacher to cover your class while you are assessing your students, for as long as necessary to complete the assessments of all of your students.

  4. The school will provide you with all the administration forms already printed out and ready to use. Teachers do not have to print these out from their computers or make copies.

  5. The school (not the teacher) is responsible for inputting the data into an online data system.

  6. Teachers do not administer both the DRA (2) and this assessment (the BAS).

  7. FEA will collect information from teachers in January for feedback on how to proceed with this assessment.

100 PERCENT -- The FEA Local Association at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has already achieved 100 percent membership for the new school year. Congratulations and thank you! This is a fantastic achievement and FEA is honored and grateful for the support and trust you have given us.

LET US KNOW -- If your school has achieved 100 percent Association membership please notify us so we can recognize you and your members. You can drop us a line at

TRAVEL -- Both I and FEA Executive Director/General Counsel H.T. Nguyen will be visiting many locations in the coming weeks. As always, we look forward to hearing directly from our members and local leaders what issues are on your minds.

My schedule for the first half of September looks like this:
  • September 8 -- visits to Lakenheath and Feltwell

  • September 9 -- attend FRS training for the Isles District

  • September 12 -- attend FRS training for the Bavaria District and visit Ramstein High School

  • September 16 and 17 -- attend training for NEATA FRSs and leaders

H.T.'s schedule for early September is as follows:
  • September 12 -- attend FRS training for the Bavaria District and visit Ramstein High School

  • September 13 -- attend the Kaiserslautern Area Education Association membership meeting

  • September 14 -- attend the Heidelberg District FRS training and also the Kaiserlautern District FRS training

  • September 15 -- attend the Europe Area Council meeting

I hope your school year is going well so far and you all enjoy the upcoming Labor Day weekend!