June 15 2016 FEA President's Report

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: Chuck McCarter, FEA President
RE: FEA President's Report
DATE:June 15, 2016


A reminder: the FEA Annual Membership Meeting takes place July 1 and 2 at The Fairmont hotel, 2401 M St NW in Washington DC. This meeting is open to ALL FEA members, Active and Retired, and offers a great opportunity to meet with and share information/ideas with your fellow Association members and elected leaders. No registration is necessary to attend the meeting, but anyone attending who is not a delegate to the NEA-RA is encouraged to let us know you're coming (write to so we can be sure to have enough space for everyone.


The annual Federal Employees Viewpoint Survey window has been extended to June 16 for DoD employees. If you have received an invitation to participate and have not done so yet, please do take time to do this before the 16th. Make your voice heard.


Hopefully relaxation is high on your "to do" list of summer. Just a few reminders - for those teachers stationed overseas, if you are returning to the States this summer, don't forget to renew your Driver's License, Voter Registration, or anything like that which might expire. Hopefully, you have also already checked the dates on your passports, ID cards, ration cards and other important documents to ensure those are up to date.


One last time: If you are planning to leave the FEA (Overseas) Bargaining Unit at the end of this year, either by retiring or resigning or because you are moving to DDESS or you have been transferred to the Med District, be sure to file a "Goodbye Grievance" early enough so that you will have enough time to elevate it before your last day of duty. This grievance was developed by FEA UniServ Bill Freeman in order to allow FEA to represent the members after they retire or resign and to ensure their rights under the Debt Collection Act and the Negotiated Agreement. We have heard far too many stories of retirees receiving erroneous debt letters. Ask your FRS for a copy of the forms for the Goodbye Grievance as well as the Request to Elevate.


The NEA building in Washington DC, home to FEA's DC office, is closed on Friday's during the summer (from July 4 through Labor Day). As a result, FEA's offices are also closed on Fridays during that span. Please keep this in mind if you drop by or call our DC office during the summer. E-mail, of course, never shuts down, so that is usually the best way to reach our office.


During the summer, you can also keep up with important Association information by checking the FEA website ( and by signing up to have updates and bulletins sent directly to your personal email.


As most of our overseas schools close for the summer in the coming days, I want to thank our members for your hard work and dedication this year. DoDEA continues to excel because of the great work our educators and students do in our schools. Our ES teachers have continued to provide an outstanding education for our younger students in spite of the poorly planned and implemented CCRS Math program. By long hours, hard work, and your talents, you have made this work for our students. All of our teachers have had to work around constant network outages and technology issues, and still you have continued to provide a consistent, supportive and challenging education for the children of our military and DoD civilians. In the constant flux of DoDEA's changing initiatives and priorities, DoDEA educators in our schools continue to do what is best for students.

Thank you too, for your support and membership in FEA. It is a privilege for your elected officials and the staff of FEA to advocate for and support you. FEA knows that the experts in our system are in our schools and classrooms and we will continue to be your voice on the issues which impact our schools, our members, and our students.

To those of you who are retiring or otherwise leaving DoDEA, thank you for a job very well done and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. To those who, like me, will be returning next school year: have a safe, relaxing and fun summer break. Next year will certainly bring new challenges. Use the summer to recharge and relax and, as you do every year, come back ready to provide a world-class education to our students.