May 15 2017 FEA President's Report

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: Chuck McCarter, FEA President
RE: FEA President's Report
DATE: May 15, 2017


On Friday, April 28, a budget was finally passed and signed and DoDEA was able to begin processing orders for RAT and PCS moves. FEA would like to acknowledge and thank Claudia Shaw, DoDEA Comptroller, and her staff who worked diligently over that weekend to process more than 1,100 PCS and RAT orders. Their hard work is much appreciated by those employees who had been anxiously waiting for these orders.

Once you have received your orders, if you have questions about them, you can write to this DoDEA address, which is monitored daily.


DODDS employees should see a boost in their paychecks starting with the May 19 payroll, due to the recently finalized SY 16-17 pay schedules being implemented. They should also receive their annual retroactive salary adjustment, which FEA won for employees years ago to make sure you receive the full amount due to you within a given school year. The SY 16-17 DODDS salary schedules can be viewed at (member login required) or via DoDEA's Human Resources page.


If you are an FEA member who pays dues through payroll deductions and you are transferring at the end of the school year, you may need to stop and restart your payroll deductions. This applies to:

1. Current Pacific teachers who are transferring out of the Pacific or to another Pacific district, such as a move from Okinawa to Japan or from Korea to Okinawa;
2. Current Europe teachers who are transferring to the Pacific or DDESS;
3. DDESS employees transferring to a DoDDS school or another DDESS base.

These teachers will need to cancel payroll deductions in their current location and restart them in their new location. Prior to leaving their current location, they should submit form SF1188 to cancel payroll deductions. Then, once they arrive in their new location, they should submit form SF 1187 to begin payroll deductions. This procedure is necessary because of the variation in local dues among areas. If you have any questions, please contact your Area Director.

(Please note, employees who are retiring or resigning should ALSO submit a from SF 1188 to cancel this payroll deduction.)


For those members who are transferring OUTSIDE of the FEA Overseas Bargaining Unit, or for those who plan to resign/retire this year, be sure to file and elevate a Goodbye Grievance before your last duty day in the FEA Overseas Bargaining Unit. For copies of this form, please see your FRS.


As this Update goes out, FEA Executive Director/General Counsel HT Nguyen and I are in the Pacific, meeting with leaders and members in Korea, Okinawa and Japan. In Japan, we will also be joined by NEA Director for FEA, Anita Lang, and our very special guest, NEA Executive Director John Stocks.

At the end of the month I will travel to the UK to visit with members there. We are pleased to have Heather Valentine, NEA Government Relations, join us in the UK for school visits and membership meetings. It is wonderful when we have NEA guests visit our schools to speak with members. The information they gain from our members helps them to advocate more effectively for us in these very difficult times. We are very grateful for the vital support that NEA continues to give to us! I also want to thank all the local leaders who help us to facilitate these visits and make everything run smoothly.

As always, please excuse any delay in response to your emails while we are "on the road."


Tarawa Terrace Elementary School, Camp Lejeune, N.C. was named by the U.S Department of Education a 2017 Green Ribbon Schools Awardee. In total, across the country, 63 schools will be honored. The schools were honored for their exemplary efforts to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, promote better health, and ensure effective environmental education, including civics and green career pathways.


Get information on Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month you can use in your classroom at this site.


For resources for teaching about Memorial Day, go to this page.


Whether you're looking for professional development opportunities or a discount on a vacation hotel, remember to visit the NEA Member Benefits site. There are dozens of discount and travel programs and an entire section on professional resources available exclusively to Association members. Don't forget this valuable benefit of membership! There are great deals and valuable services you can use all year round.


Be on the lookout for the latest edition of the FEA Journal, which was mailed to members at the beginning of May. Along with the latest information and articles, there are some great pictures from many of the Read Across America celebrations across our system.


By the time our next update comes out, some of our stateside schools will already be out for the year. For those schools, I wish all our members a relaxing, well-deserved summer break. For our members in other schools, hang in there! Summer is coming soon!

Hopefully relaxation is high on your "to do" list of summer. Just a few reminders - for those teachers stationed overseas, if you are returning to the States this summer, don't forget to renew your Driver's License, Voter Registration, or anything like that which might expire. Hopefully, you have also already checked the dates on your passports, ID cards, ration cards and other important documents to ensure those are up to date.


Whether retiring this year or just thinking ahead, now is a great time to think about joining FEA as a Retired or Pre-retired member. Get information by going to this page.