SY 05-06 DoDDS Salary Increases

To: FEA DoDDS Members and Leaders
From: Sheridan Pearce, FEA President
Re: DoDDS Salaries for SY 05-06
Date: April 19, 2006

Salaries for DoDDS teachers will increase nearly three percent for School Year 2005-2006, continuing a positive trend that began last year. Increases for all positions in DoDDS are significantly higher than last year's, reflecting improvements in how school districts nationwide are paying educators.

For those of you not aware: by law, DoDDS salaries are based upon the average base pay for urban school districts throughout the United States in areas of at least 100,000 population. Nearly 250 school districts qualify for that survey pool, as defined by the 2000 U.S. Census. Data for the salary computations is collected annually by the DoD Wage and Salary Division. FEA conducts its own independent collection of salary information to verify the accuracy of the data presented.

Here are the overall percentages of increase for SY 05-06 for the DoDDS employees FEA represents (please keep in mind, these are the OVERALL averages for each position; increases for a specific step or pay lane on any of the salary schedules may be slightly higher or lower):

2.88 percent average increase (was 2.08 in SY 04-05)

2.90 percent average increase (was 2.31 in SY 04-05)

2.52 percent average increase (was 1.60 in SY 04-05)

2.80 percent average increase (was 2.12 in SY 04-05)

FEA gave its conditional approval today for the salary increases to take effect. Because of legal actions taken by FEA in the past, DoDDS educators will receive a retroactive pay increase later this spring to bring them in line with the newly created SY 05-06 salary schedule.

The complete DoDDS SY 05-06 pay schedules will be posted on within the next several weeks.