March 4, 2015 FEA President's Report

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: Chuck McCarter, FEA President
RE: FEA President's Report
DATE: March 4, 2015


Various delays have forced some changes in the timeline for this spring's DODDS transfer program.

The vacancy list, which was to be posted on the DoDEA Web site on March 5, will now be posted on March 17.

The deadline for educators to amend their transfer applications has been moved to 5:00 pm EST, on March 20.

The transfer round is now scheduled to begin on Monday, March 23.

Because of these changes, FEA members now have until 5 pm on Friday, March 20, to send Connie Shanaghan the FINAL version of their transfer application if they wish to utilize our transfer verification service (to verify that your application is included in the transfer round). To do so, email the final version of your transfer application to Connie at or fax it to her at 202-822-7867. Please note: FEA does not need your social security number so you can remove it from the copy you send to Connie. Please send only the absolute, FINAL version of your application, in order to avoid confusion. Also, if you withdraw your application from the program, please let Connie know.

Visit for Connie's Tips for Transfers and other useful transfer information.


As you may have heard by now, U.S. citizens in Germany will no longer face charges for driving without a valid driver's license from their state of record, so long as they have a valid USAREUR Certificate of License. This is great news, as renewing or obtaining state licenses would have been a severe hardship for many of our members. FEA raised this issue repeatedly with DoDEA and Pentagon officials, and our contacts in NEA's Government Relations office helped to raise awareness of the issue as well. We are grateful to all those who worked to find a quick, diplomatic solution to this problem.


Last month I was scheduled to visit with our members in Fort Campbell. Unfortunately, one of this year's winter storms forced schools there to close and caused me to cancel my travel. I will look forward to rescheduling that trip later in this spring. This month, weather permitting, I hope to visit our schools in Cuba. This trip was supposed to happen in August when a tropical storm got in the way! Hopefully, this pattern will NOT continue!


As noted in the recent edition of the FEA Journal (now in the mail and available at, FEA is working to ensure that the school improvement process is more efficient, less cumbersome, and less stressful, leaving teachers time for professional development that directly benefits their schools and their students. See the Journal or the FEA website for the complete article and other important information, including the lifting of the DODDS salary freeze, contract negotiations and profiles of FEA members.


As an update to one item appearing in the above mentioned FEA Journal: the Court of Federal Claims judge handling FEA's lawsuit over the legality of the DODDS pay freeze has informed us and management of her wish to hold oral arguments on the parties' pending motions (FEA's motion for summary judgment in the case and management's motion to dismiss). The oral arguments have been scheduled for April 23. We will keep our members informed as this case continues through the legal process.


I know there were lots of great activities in our schools celebrating NEA's Read Across America. This is always a wonderful event, bringing parents and the community into our schools to celebrate the importance and the sheer joy of reading. Be sure to share your photos with us at