February 15, 2011 FEA President's Report

To: FEA Members and Local Leaders Worldwide
From: Michael Priser, FEA President
Re: FEA President's Report
Date: February 15, 2011

TRANSFER PROGRAM -- FEA members are strongly encouraged to visit, where they can find complete details about the upcoming DoDDS Transfer Program, including our valuable FEA Tips for Transfers and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Members are also reminded to sign up for the FEA President's Report Email List at in order to have periodic updates about the Transfer Program and other news sent directly to your email.

IMPORTANT TRANSFER DATES and INFO -- The deadline to submit your transfer application to your building principal is February 25, 2011. Applications can be amended until March 9, 2011. The transfer round will begin on March 14, 2011. You can link to the online application through

In addition to checking out the Transfer Tips and FAQs mentioned above, If you are an FEA member, we hope you will take advantage of FEA's Transfer
Application Verification Service. If you mail (address below), fax (202-822-7867),
or email ( a copy of your application to us, we will verify that
your application is included in the Transfer Program. We do not need your Social
Security Number so feel free to remove it from the copy that you provide to us.

Our address is…
ATTN: Transfer Verification
1201 16th Street, NW
Suite 117
Washington, DC 20036
If you are an FEA member and have any questions, please feel free to contact Connie
Shanaghan at

SUMMER COURSE OFFERINGS -- FEA is very aware of the extremely narrow offering of meaningful professional development courses for DoDEA educators in the curricular areas in which they teach, especially for elementary school educators. The summer offerings made available over the past several years have been neglecting the majority of DoDEA workers. We have made this point repeatedly to DoDEA Headquarters, which is why FEA is especially disappointed with the recently announced course offerings for this coming summer. FEA has and will continue to press DoDEA for improvements for as long as it takes to see change for the better.

PROBLEMS WITH ANNUITIES -- FEA has been made aware of several retired Association members who have experienced delays causing them to not receive their full retirement annuities in a timely manner. FEA Executive Director/General Counsel H.T. Nguyen has been working this issue through the Office of Personnel Management, with help from NEA's Government Relations office. It is our understanding that many of those retirees who informed FEA of this situation are now receiving their full annuities and the rest will have their annuities fully implemented soon. Anyone experiencing similar problems with their annuity, or aware of any past Association member having such problems, is urged to contact FEA at so that we can work with OPM to resolve their situation.

NEW MOUs -- FEA and DoDEA are frequently negotiating and signing off on Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) specific to issues not covered in our negotiated agreements. Go to for a list of some of the major MOUs to be signed recently and over the past several years (member login is required).

NEW JOURNAL -- The February FEA Journal will be mailed to members in about a week and posted at The new issue contains candidates' profiles and other information for the upcoming FEA Area Directors elections, as well as other important information affecting us as federal workers. Be sure to read the Journal when it arrives in your mailbox, or online, for this valuable information and ways you can get involved.

THANK YOU -- I'm extremely grateful to the local leaders and memberships at Fort Rucker, Maxwell Air Force Base, and Fort Benning for hosting me during my visits last week. You're all doing a fantastic job and I thank you for sharing your time and concerns with me. FEA is very, VERY proud to be representing you all!

READ ACROSS AMERICA -- Be sure to visit for ideas and resources you can use to plan your March 2 reading event in honor of Dr. Seuss.

GTMO IN THE SPOTLIGHT -- The new issue of NEA Today magazine has a story featuring FEA members at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The magazine will be sent to all FEA members via snail mail, or you can get a first look at it, as well as links to an online video and slideshow, by going to

Have a great week!