December 13 2011 FEA President's Report

To: FEA Members and Local Leaders Worldwide
From: Michael Priser, FEA President
Re: FEA President's Report
Date: December 13, 2011

HERE WE GO AGAIN! -- A pair of competing alternatives to fund an extension of the payroll tax holiday for all working Americans are now being considered by Congress.
One alternative would pay for the payroll tax extension by increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires.
The other alternative would pay for the extension by adding a year to the federal salary freeze already in place, requiring feds to pay more towards their retirements, and altering how retirement pensions are calculated for new hires and current feds with less than five years on the job.
FEA and our partners in the Federal Workers Alliance are strongly opposed to the second alternative.
Get more information on this situation by visiting our Web site at

K-3 READING ASSESSMENT UPDATE -- As I continue my travels in Europe, I have been receiving lots of feedback on the new K-3 BAS Reading Assessment for DoDDS. FEA will be surveying teachers in the new year to get systemic data on this pilot program. I am concerned that the MOU is not being followed.
*Some teachers are told that they are limited in the number of substitute teachers they are allowed. NOT TRUE. Teachers are authorized as many substitute days as necessary to administer the test.
*Some teachers are told they are to enter data. NOT TRUE. Teachers do not enter data.
*Some teachers are not being given copies of the test protocols for both Box sets of the BAS. WRONG. The MOU requires all protocols to be copied and ready for use prior to testing.
*Some teachers are being told they are required to retest in May. NOT TRUE. FEA will be collecting data in order to decide the future of testing with this instrument.

Please report any irregularities with the negotiated agreement with your FRS.

FINAL TRAVELS -- I will be in Schweinfurt on Wednesday and Wiesbaden on Thursday. I have had great school visits and appreciate hearing and seeing what goes on in our schools first hand. Thanks for all you do for students.

SEASONS GREETINGS -- This will be my last FEA President's Report of 2011. I hope you all have a joyous and restful holiday break and come back energized and excited for 2012. Be safe in your travels! Happy Holidays!!