October 1, 2018 FEA President's Report

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: Chuck McCarter, FEA President
RE: FEA President's Report
DATE: October 1, 2018


As this update goes out, I am just finishing my travels in the Pacific. Our Executive Director, HT Nguyen and I attended trainings in Okinawa and Japan, and were able to attend great membership meetings in both countries. As always, I want to thank those members and leaders who helped with our travel, who picked us up, arranged meetings, dinners and hotels, and all the other necessary arrangements! HT and I both value time with members and are glad for the opportunity to hear directly from the members who do the real work of DoDEA and FEA.

Next week I will head to Ft. Knox and Ft. Campbell and then attend the Stateside Area Council meeting.


As I have met with members in the Pacific, I heard many of the same concerns I have heard in other areas: professional development that does not meet the needs of teachers and students, unreliable technology, HR and pay problems and the list goes on. It continues to be clear that our schools are working well, but schools and employees are not getting the necessary support from DoDEA. FEA will continue to advocate for the support our educators need and deserve. As we continue to say, "Educators' working conditions are students' learning conditions."


Already this year, many of our schools have been impacted by storms and inclement weather. As I write this, it is our members in Okinawa and Japan who are in the path of the latest typhoon. Our thoughts are with our FEA and NEA families in the impacted areas and we will alert NEA and NEA Member Benefits about the latest events. NEA and NEA Member Benefits have already contacted me and will be working to assist those members and schools dealing with damage from the storms affecting the East Coast of the United States. You can find information about assistance for members affected by FEMA-declared disasters on the NEA Member Benefits site

In addition, NEA Member Benefits is facilitating relief funding collections to help support impacted members. Individuals may contribute to the NEA Hurricane Florence Relief Fund via a special GoFundMe page. Please note that 100% of funds donated will go to affected NEA members and their families through their state affiliates. Information on donating can be found here.


In order to accommodate those members in the Pacific currently affected by storms and those in the Carolinas who are still cleaning up from hurricane Florence, we are leaving our survey on ELA training and implementation issues open for a few more days. We will close the survey at the end of this upcoming week. Any elementary educators who have not yet completed our brief survey (it takes less than five minutes to complete) are asked to do so this week by going to the survey page. Thank you!


November 12-16, 2018--will present all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education. Plan now to celebrate the great work our DoDEA schools and educators do every day around the world.


Voting is a basic right of our democracy and I hope our members will exercise that right, not only in the upcoming mid-term and state elections but in FEA's election process as well. Check out the August issue of the FEA Journal for important information about the upcoming election of our At-Large Officers who will represent YOU for the coming term.


With so many issues facing us these days, please remember to stay informed by checking the FEA website regularly or follow us on Facebook (@FedEdAssoc) for the latest important information.