January 6, 2016 FEA President's Report

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: Chuck McCarter, FEA President
RE: FEA President's Report
DATE: January 6, 2016


As this is my first update of the new year, I hope that all our members enjoyed a wonderful Winter Break and that 2016 has started off well for you!


VERA/VSIP offers began going out yesterday (January 5). DoDDS hope to get the majority of the VERA/VSIP offers out today (January 6). Educators who receive offers have three days to accept or decline the offers. In addition to offering excessed educators VERA/VSIP, 50 offers will be made to educators who are not excessed. Offers will be made to the top 50 applicants by SCD worldwide. As DoDEA HQ receives declinations, they will make additional offers until they have 50 acceptances of non-excessed educators. The vacancies created by these offers will be included in the transfer program.


The vacancy list has been posted and should be updated with additional vacancies within the next few days. The link to the vacancy list is posted on the FEA website.

We are very disappointed by the small number of vacancies that have been received by DoDEA HQ. Because a successful transfer program depends on starting out with a robust number of vacancies, we are asking FRS's to check the vacancy list to confirm that the vacancies at their school are included. Any discrepancies should be reported to your Europe Division Rep/Pacific Local President and copied to Remember that only full-time vacancies are included in the transfer program.


Here are the numbers of transfer applicants, by group, for this year's program:
Group A+ -- 328
Group A -- 78
Group B -- 93
Group C -- 38
Group D -- 73
Group F -- 209

We believe this strong interest in transfers shows the need for a more fully funded program. As of today, the transfer round is still scheduled to begin on January 19.


If you would like FEA to verify that your application is included in the transfer program, you must send a copy of your FINAL application to We do not need your SSN; please delete it prior to emailing.


If you are an excessed educator who completed an on-line transfer program application and was then placed through your Excess District Placement program, remember to withdraw your on-line application for the transfer program. You can do this by logging into the database and clicking on the "withdraw" option in the menu. If you have sent your application to FEA for verification, be sure to let us know you have withdrawn.


The NEA website offers a variety of K -12 resources to use in teaching about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Go to this page for more info.

Best wishes for a great 2016!