January 5, 2017 FEA President's Report

TO: FEA Members and Leaders Worldwide
FROM: Chuck McCarter, FEA President
RE: FEA President's Report
DATE: January 5, 2017


As we start off 2017, I want to wish you a happy and successful New Year. There are many challenges ahead, but FEA, with NEA's support, will continue to advocate for better working conditions for our members and outstanding learning conditions for our students. If you have questions or concerns, please start with your FRS or Building Rep. If they cannot answer or assist, they have Local Presidents, Division or District Reps, Area Directors, At-Large FEA Officers, your UniServ attorneys and our small but mighty FEA staff all ready to assist.


As we reported just prior to the holiday break, the database for the DODDS Transfer Program online application was having some problems that resulted in some application information being altered. The problems have been fixed but the fix did not restore the affected applications to their original state. To ensure your application information is correct you should return to the online application (you'll find the link at the bottom of this page) and thoroughly review your application to make sure all information you originally entered is listed and in the order of your preferences.

Because of these problems, DoDEA agreed to FEA's request to extend the Transfer application deadline to January 11, 2017, at 5pm EST. Once you've met that deadline, you will have until 5pm EST on January 18 to make amendments to your application.

Also, because of some new schools and reconfigurations of existing schools in the Pacific, there have been some changes to the way some schools in the Pacific are listed in the Transfer database. The affected schools are:

School reconfigurations:
1. Osan MS was changed to Osan MS/HS (Grades 6-12)
2. Zama MS was changed to Zama MS/HS (Grades 7-12)
3. Daegu HS was changed to Daegu MS/HS (Grades 6-12)
New schools:
1. Iwakuni ES (Grades 3-5)
2. Iwakuni MS (Grades 6-8)
3. Humphreys West ES (PK-5)
M.C. Perry is still listed in the transfer program database as M.C. Perry ES, however, the grade structure has changed to PK-2.
Daegu AS is still listed in the transfer program database as Daegu AS, however, the grade structure has changed to K-5.

FEA has posted an updated list of school locations on its Transfer Information Page.


FRSs are asked to check the Transfer Program vacancy list (once it is posted) to be sure all known vacancies at your schools are reported. Please notify Connie Shanaghan ( of any missing or incorrect vacancies. Only full-time vacancies are used in the transfer program.


FEA held a phone conference with DoDEA over the holiday break about headquarters' plans to introduce legislation to Congress that would merge DDESS and DODDS into a single school system. Few additional specifics were provided, but FEA did voice its objections to the plan. We will work with our NEA lobbyists to oppose any such legislation. An additional concern is that introducing legislation such as this into a Congress that is so rabidly anti-public education and anti-government could lead to another attempt to do away with DDESS, or even all of DODEA. Trying to merge these two distinct systems is a bad idea by management at any time, but particularly in this environment.


FEA Active members in Europe, Stateside and the Pacific will elect an Area Director/FEA Director for DDESS this year to represent them on the FEA Board of Directors. Ballots will be mailed to all Active members on January 17 and your completed ballot must be received by FEA's Washington Office by March 28 in order to be counted. Sample ballot packets will soon be mailed to each FRS/Building Representative and information on the candidates was included in the December FEA Journal. Good luck to all those who are running and please take the time to vote for your Area Director/FEA Director for DDESS when your ballot arrives in the mail.


We're very grateful to NEA for providing us with grant funds to help promote Read Across America events this year. Three schools -- Hohelfels ES and Stuttgart ES (both in Germany), and Pinckney ES (Fort Jackson, SC) -- applied for funds for specific reading projects and, thanks to NEA, we will be able to fund each of those events. Thanks very much to NEA for this support and remember to visit NEA's Read Across America page for ideas and materials your school can use to plan and promote your NEA's Read Across America event on March 2.


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