Update on RITA and WTA

posted November 21, 2018

Good Morning,

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a healthy happy day with family and friends. I attended the Board of Directors meeting in Washington D.C. earlier this month where we discussed many of the successes and issues facing teachers in DoDEA today. We met with various NEA leaders while at the meeting.

RITA and WTA - The tax implications affecting teachers who are new to the system, departing and retiring.

For most affected federal workers, this is the first time relocation expenses have such serious tax implications, and many remain confused about how it impacts them.

Please use this link to view PDF from our advocates on this issue MRW 11.16.18 letter to GSA cc to DODEA

In case you missed it (ICYMI):
Results of FEA's transfer program survey - remember, there were two sent out, one by DODEA HQ and one by FEA HQ. These are FEA's survey results.

TAKE ACTION! Regarding the transfer program
Make sure the DoDEA Director knows just how important meaningful opportunities to transfer periodically are to his employees. Use our sample letter to write him, calling upon him to protect, not degrade, the Transfer Program, and to provide adequate funding to double the number of transfers provided for current employees.
** Make sure to write while you are off duty and off government property, using your own computer and personal (non-DoDEA) email account. **
Use this link to access FEA's sample message to the DoDEA Director

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