Fall 2018 Welcome and Update


As your FEA Pacific (FEAPAC) Area Director, I welcome you to SY 2018-19 -- as we are rolling into this new year, I wish everyone a superb year filled with lots of student excitement about learning and reaching new goals.

If you are new to DoDEA and/or new to the Pacific -- a hearty welcome to you! You have joined a team of dedicated professionals who overcome obstacles thrown from many directions, and we do it best together!

We are facing many challenges on multiple fronts; but I have full confidence that we will continue to demonstrate that we are the best teaching professionals in the industry; validated by the consistent high achievement of our students.

As DoDEA educators overseas, we are proud of our adventurous spirit and tenacity. We are courageous and persevere under all types of pressure.

A few reminders:

Please check your personal email accounts regularly for communication from FEA and FEA Pacific. We promise not to overfill your inbox and we won't duplicate FEA e-mails. This will be our main platform for communicating with members; our communication will go out via personal email.

If you have concerns, please attempt to address them at the school level first, by connecting with your school's FRS. If your concerns are not addressed/resolved there, then elevate them to the next level in the chain of command.

Speaking of chain of command: FRS → District President → FEA Pacific Area Director → FEA President. That is the basic chain of command for FEA.

In the Pacific our Uniserv (lawyer) Robin Smith handles all legal matters and offers guidance to our Pacific Area leaders and members.

We also have Assistant Uniserv Stephanie Trotter. She handles our pay and money issues. When you have a pay/debt letter issue, please start with HR. If you do not receive a satisfactory resolution, then it's time to reach out to your FRS who will elevate as needed.

When you are directed to Stephanie, please include all prior correspondence with HR.

Please make note of the new Resource Management pay inquiry email:

FRS and Joint Labor Management Training (JLMT) starts next week Pacific wide. One day of training is for the Association only (FRS and Executive Leadership). FRS training will instruct your FRS how to solve issues that arise, or elevate if necessary.

A full day of training will also be conducted with management (Superintendents, Principals). JLMT is designed to foster good working relationships between the Association and Management at each school. With good working relationships, problems are less likely to arise and when they do, they will more likely to be solved quickly at the school level.

In November, we will have the FEA Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in Washington, D.C. where all regional directors and FEA board members come together to work on resolutions to issues occurring in the field.

Be sure to watch your personal email for invitations to local meetings/events occurring in your districts! This is great way you can become personally involved with our Association. Big plus, you get an opportunity to meet and socialize with your colleagues.

Finally, ‘WEAR RED for ED" - In the majority of the Pacific, we will be wearing Red on Tuesdays. We will continue this campaign until management hears our collective voice and works with us in a collaborative transparent manner which results in: excellent working conditions for teachers and students learning conditions.

Thank you for being members and if you have any questions please do not hesitate asking your FEA Pacific Leadership team for assistance.

Melanie Horton; FEA Pacific Area Director