June 16 2011 FEA Pacific Update

JUNE 16, 2011
Debra Degalis, FEA Pacific Area Director

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· Farewell and Best Wishes
· Check MyPay over the summer
· Chicago, Chicago
· NEA Today
· Summer Information -- FEA and Personal
· FEA Pacific Leadership
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Area Director End of Year Message
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Are you smiling? You and your students have made it. The 2010-11 school year is over for your students and tomorrow for you! It has been a challenging year on many levels, but I know as you reflect on your students, they made many strides and accomplishments under your wings. They are ready to fly and explore further. I want to thank you for your dedication to your students, colleagues and community. You are the backbone of our future.

Now for those of you that are retiring. I know we have all experienced the numerous retirement announcements and marveled at how long our colleagues have dedicated themselves to DoDDS and the students. I wish all of you wonderful new adventures. Please stay in touch.

Good luck to those members who are transferring to new locations. You will be missed.

I also want to thank all our FEA leaders on every level…school FRS and FR, District Presidents and Officers, the FEA HQ, Michael Bauernfeind, FEA Pacific General Counsel/UniServ, and his wonderful assistant, Stephanie Trotter. FEA is a strong and dedicated force for our teachers worldwide.

Best wishes for the summer of your dreams!

Upcoming AD Activities

· 29-30 June FEA Annual Membership Meeting, Chicago, IL
· 31 June-6 July NEA Representative Assembly, Chicago IL
· 21-22 July Pre-Decisional Involvement (PDI)Training, D.C.
· 25-28 July FEA Representative: Work Group for Extended Teacher SY, D.C.

Check MyPay
Please note Stephanie Trotters, UniServ Assistant words of wisdom: We should encourage all educators to access MyPay over the summer and review their LES's. I would hate for anyone to start having deductions from their pay without knowing about it. It is also a time when debts are created for receiving LQA, for which the member might not be entitled. Another "biggie" for those members, who have already filed a hearing request over an alleged debt, is the notification that a review has been conducted and that collection will begin. Watch out for the letter from DFAS stating that you have received a "Reconciliation" of your debt and it is valid, requiring them to initiate collection. With these warnings I am hoping to prevent you all from having any of your pay touched this summer.

Chicago, Chicago
If you happen to be near Chicago at the end of June or first week in July please stop and visit. FEA members from DoDDS and DDESS will be meeting in Chicago for the FEA Annual Membership Meeting (June 29-30) followed by the NEA Representative Assembly. For more information, go to

NEA Today
The May/June edition should have arrived. There is lots of good information. Please add it to your summer reading. Please also stay informed over the summer but going to and

Summer information --FEA and personal
Beginning July 8, the FEA HQ Washington office will be on summer schedule from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. The FEA office is located in the NEA HQ , which closes its building on Fridays, July 8th-September 2. Remember to take your handy dandy FEA pocket calendars as it contains contact information. Michael Bauernfeind will be on summer break the month of July. I will check my email periodically.

Personal Information: Please be sure to leave a summer contact number/address with your school. It is your choice whether to leave a detailed itinerary; however, I do encourage you to leave a POC with the school and your itinerary with your POC.

FEA Pacific Leadership for SY 11-12
Debra Degalis - FEA Pacific Area Director
Jeannette Ferguson -- NEATA President, Japan District
Betty Gossett -- TEAK President, Korea District
Donald Kinghorn -- AEAO President, Okinawa District
Gordon Lyncook (Japan); Chad Jimison (Korea); Yvonne Brown (Okinawa)- District Human Civil Rights Coordinator

Did You Know?
Personnel files -- The employer must establish, maintain, and retain employees' personnel records only in accordance with law, regulations and the Negotiated Agreement. You have the right to access records in your personnel file(s) and you are entitled to make a copy of any and all material contained within.

Pacific Legal Eagle Corner
I just returned from an arbitration settlement conference at DODEA Headquarters in Arlington, VA. It is Thursday for you all in the Pacific. The arbitration was to have taken place on 30 June. The conference resulted in pay record corrections for 12 members, some of whom will receive refunds, others interest and importantly, a clarification and correction of their pay records. When you all return in August there will be more to report.

Mark Your Calendars
End of 4th Quarter/.5 Teacher Work Day June 16
Last Teacher Work Day June 17
Father's Day June 19
FEA Annual Membership Meeting, Chicago June 28-29
NEA Representative Assembly, Chicago June 30-July 5
Teacher Report Day for SY 2011-12 August 23
Students First Day August 29


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Worth Repeating:

Annuity Estimates for Retirement - DLA has the following web site those who want an annuity estimate: Print a copy of the submission for your record.

You can also go into EBIS for an annuity estimate. If all federal service was with DoDDS and with no breaks in service with DoDDS, the estimate in EBIS will be the same that would be received from DLA. There will be no difference.

Federal Retirement Website - FEA Europe Area Director Chuck McCarter shared the following website with me. I checked it out and subscribed to their newsletters.

Yen and Won Rates - To check the rates go to

Until School Year 2011-12,

Debra S. Degalis
FEA Pacific Area Director

Debra S. Degalis
FEA Pacific Area Director
DSN 267-6159 / 042-869-6159