Spring 2019 FEA Pacific Area Director Update

Spring Update from your Pacific Area Director

I hope everyone had a restful Spring break and is feeling refreshed to close out School Year 2018-2019 successfully, despite recent challenges to our profession. I am proud to be among you, those who consistently expertly teach and guide our students to grade promotion year after year.

We have been embroiled in tumultuous times, but, as the professional educators we are, we persevere and continue to provide our military-connected students with an exemplary education. We're facing additional taxes (if you are moving or have moved), new standards and curriculum materials and the bargaining of our new contract negotiations, to name just a few of the current challenges. In the Pacific, we have tried to soften the blow of these many changes to the best of our abilities. We are here for members with any questions or concerns.

Please continue to inform us of the challenges in your schools so that we can address the issues and work to make things right/continue to fight for the best educators in the world.

We just learned that the Arbitration conducted in Seoul in February was a victory.

DoDEA's removal of an educator for narrowly missing his recertification deadline was found to be an excessive penalty, as well as, a violation of Article 7A of the Negotiated Agreement. Reinstatement of the educator's position, as well as, back pay and other make whole remedies were ordered.

Know that your Pacific Leaders -- from the Area Director, Country Presidents to FRSs -- are working hard on your behalf.

Congratulations to James "Mike" Adair on being elected to the BOD as the FEA Vice President and re-elected as NEATA President. We welcome our new FEA President, Brian Chance (a long time Pacific member), and re-election of Alina Rozanski, FEA HCRC, and Anita Lang, FEA Director for NEA.

Most of the districts have conducted their local FRS/FR elections by now. Thank you to those who served last year and are continuing to serve and welcome to the FRSs and FRs who are newly elected. If there are any vacancies, please let Alina Rozanski FEA HCRC know of those vacancies ASAP. You can reach her at:

Upcoming Events:

Lily Eskelson Garcia, NEA President, will be visiting Korea and Okinawa in May. We are looking forward to her visiting these areas, we believe that this is the first time an NEA President will have come to these locations. Please check with your local representatives (AEAO/TEAK) about the dates and times for these events. You will not want to miss hearing her speak; she is a phenomenal motivational speaker who has a great sense of humor!

Lily's dates: May 20-21 in Korea; May 22-23 in Okinawa. On May 22nd - AEAO will have their annual Retirement Dinner where Lily will be the guest of honor and speaker.

The final Pacific Area Leaders (PAL) meeting for SY 2018-2019 will occur during the weekend of May 3-6, 2019 in Korea. Your leaders will be working diligently for our members during this time.

Have a great 4th quarter, and as always, we are here to serve you, our members. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your professional organization for guidance.

Below is important information that has been shared already, but merits another look:

DoDEA Investigations and hotline whistleblower complaints

The links below are surveys that were worked in coordination with management. The purpose is to identify HR and RAT/ED Travel requests that require management's assistance to resolve.

Equally important is that by using these surveys, we will be able to establish a database of recurring issues that can be sent to HQ for action. We will be able to show trends and metrics.

We will adjust the survey based on feedback from you. Please share and start using these tools immediately.

These HR surveys will remain open and be used on an ongoing basis. Use them as many times as you need to report any issues you are having concerning HR issues.

RAT Survey

HR Survey

Melanie Horton
FEA Pacific Area Director