September 8 2010 FEA Europe Report

1. An Explanation
2. Welcome Back
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. Calendar Corrections
5. Acronym Finder
8. LES
9. Useful Forms
10. Mark Your Calendars
11. Final Thought

1. An Explanation -- Due to continuing difficulties with my school computer I am sending this out from the mailbox of my wife, Priscilla. Hopefully this will all be ‘fixed' by the time of my next Update.

2. Welcome Back -- As this is my first Update of this year I would like to offer my welcome back to the many welcomes you no doubt have already received. Between Chuck and myself we have already visited a number of schools with more visits planned. If we have not yet been to your school, we hope to be there soon.

3. Area Directors' Travels -- During the next 10 days we will be criss-crossing the continent. On September 10th Chuck will be in England for FRS training, then Heidelberg on the 13th for theirs. I will be in Kaiserslautern for training on the 13th and in Nuremberg on the 15th for Bavaria. We will then both travel to the Europe Area Council meeting on the 16th and 17th in Garmisch. Joining us in at least part of these travels from the States will be Michael Priser, FEA President, HT Nguyen, FEA Executive Director/General Counsel, Gary Hritz, FEA Director of Communications & Membership Development, and Sequitta Banks, Kaiserslautern and Bavaria UniServ Director/General Counsel.

4. Calendar Corrections -- These first two were reported last week but bear repeating. Please note that the email address listed on the back of the FEA Pocket Calendar for Noemi (Mimi) Cuadrado, Europe HCR coordinator is incorrect. The correct email address should read as follows:
The DSN number listed for Chuck on the calendar is also incorrect - it should be DSN 335-5373/5369. Those numbers are for Wiesbaden MS where his office is located. They can transfer you to his office number. If you have access to a civilian line, these numbers are better as they are direct to his office: (0049) 0611-44756131 or 234.
In addition, the DSN line reported for me in the calendar is the main office phone at Vilseck HS with no connection to my office on the other side of the building. Until this is corrected, please reach me at 0160 2388051. This phone is with me and on 24 hours a day.

5. Acronym Finder -- As I read and write these Updates and other things I realize that they are always full of acronyms that are completely foreign to newer teachers and often even to those who are veterans. There is a site that can help with this even though it is not dedicated to DoDEA/DoDDS. John Luchtman provided me with this a while back and I have found it very useful.

6. PGP FAQ -- Soon members will be asked to begin finalizing their Professional Growth Plan for SY 10/11. The attachment above answers many of the most frequently asked questions .The complete Performance Appraisal System can be found here.

7. AFSPA -- The American Foreign Service Protection Association will be traveling through Europe in October and early November. Attached is a tentative schedule of their briefings as well as a flyer with more information. AFSPA is one of a number of insurance companies that will travel through Europe this year.

8. LES -- With the first full paycheck of the school year coming up on September 10 (for those on the 21 pay plan) as well as those on the 26 pay plan, please again check your Leave and Earnings statement carefully. Some things to watch for: that you are being paid on the right step; that your SCD is correct; that you have the correct number of leave days to include the 10 credited this year, and that any allotments you have are still correct. Also, for those who have a TSP loan and who stopped their payments over the summer, be sure that the Agency has restarted the payments. Failure to do so can cause problems with TSP at tax time. If they are not taking out the payments you can use form TSP-41 to get them restarted.

9. Useful Forms -- Attached is an electronic leave form. Save it to your computer and you will have it should you ever need to be out of school for any reason. Also, there is a 1351-2 for those currently dealing with RAT and other travel issues.

10. Mark Your Calendars -
Thursday Sept. 9 -- Rosh Hashanah
Friday Sept 10 - Isles (England Schools) (Training location TBA in the Lakenheath Complex)
Sunday Sept. 12 -- Grandparents Day
Monday Sept 13 - Kaiserslautern (Training in Kaiserslautern)
Monday Sept 13 - Heidelberg (including Isles Schools on the continent) (Training in Wiesbaden)
Wednesday Sept 15 - Bavaria (Training in Nuremberg)
Thursday/Friday Sept 16,17 - The European Area Council will meet in Garmisch
Saturday Sept. 18 -- Yom Kippur
Saturday Sept.25 -- Membership Training with Baumholder EA

11. Final Thought -- This completes my first Update. As things happen during the year I know that Chuck and myself will do whatever it takes to get information to you so that you can all focus on what you do best regardless of what role you play in the system.

The next Update will be out on September 22. Next week will be full with trainings and the EAC.


Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel: 0160 2388051