September 26, 2018 FEA Europe Update

1. RAT Travel Reimbursement Info
2. Red Ribbon Week
3. Membership Materials information
4. Open Season Dates/Websites
5. NEA Information and Website
6. Article on Daylight Savings Time in Europe
7. Mark your Calendar Events
8. FEA Election Information
9. In Case you missed it, Article on LQA
10. Area Director's travels

1. RAT Travel Directions for Reimbursement -- All copies of airline etickets, receipts and 1351-2 signed by your supervisor should be sent to Also, DTS can't pay out shipping costs....that costs was funded and has to be paid through the TOPS orders. The orders (ALL pages and amendments) along with a 1351-2, and receipts should be sent through the normal or rather "old" process that everyone has been accustomed to in the past and sent to Anything sent directly to DFAS will not be processed and "should" be returned to sender. My experience thus far is it that getting the reimbursement takes quite some time. I filled in August for my compensation and still have yet to be paid

2. 5. Red Ribbon Week -- Enrique (Kiki) Camarena was a Drug Enforcement Administration Agent who was tortured and killed in Mexico in 1985. Camarena worked his way through college, served in the Marines and became a police officer. When he decided to join the US Drug Enforcement Administration, his mother tried to talk him out of it. "I'm only one person," he told her, "but I want to make a difference." In honor of Camarena's memory and his battle against illegal drugs, friends and neighbors began to wear red badges of satin. Parents, sick of the destruction of alcohol and other drugs, had begun forming coalitions. Some of these new coalitions took Camarena as their model and embraced his belief that one person can make a difference. These coalitions also adopted the symbol of Camarena's memory, the red ribbon. The National Family Partnership organized the first Nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. Since that time, the campaign has reached millions of U.S. children and families. The National Family Partnership (NFP) and its network of individuals and organizations continue to deliver his message of hope to millions of people every year, through the National Red Ribbon Campaign. Red Ribbon Week is scheduled for October 23 through October 31. See this site for more information.

3. Membership Materials for SY 18-19 -- If you are the membership coordinator or FRS taking care of the membership materials for you school, you will need this information. Once membership materials are completed they should be sent to:
Brandy Davis
PSC 41 Box 6725
APO AE 09464-0068

Brandy is our new membership coordinator and very knowledgeable about anything needed for starting/stopping dues or any other questions you may have.

4. Open Season -- Open season starts November 12 and runs through December 10. It seems as with everything, things will increase. According to OPM's information premiums will increase an average of 4.4%. This site will give you the premium prices of health insurance for federal employees like us. OPM rates

5. NEA Information -- NEA is a great support for FEA and the members. On their website they always have information about how to help our stateside colleagues during natural disasters or crises. They also have an incredible amount of information to help with class preparation as well as many other ideas for teachers. . I encourage you to check out their page and see what you may be able to use.

6. Europe May Forgo Daylight Savings -- Seems there is a push in Europe to stop daylight savings time. While it has been discussed all over the world the EU is looking to actually do something. This article sheds some light on what is being discussed.

7. Mark Your Calendar-
October 3 -- German Reunification Day
October 7 -- Grandparents Day
October 8 -- Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day/Canadian Thanksgiving
October 20 --National Day on Writing
October 28 -- European Daylight Savings Time Ends
October 31 -- Halloween
November 1 -- All Saints Day
November 4 -- US Daylight Savings time Ends

8. Election Information -- FEA members will elect four at-large officers this school year: President, Vice President, NEA Director for Federal, and FEA Human & Civil Rights Coordinator. To learn more, including how to nominate yourself or another FEA Active member, go to FEA's election information page The deadline for receipt of nomination forms is October 16, 2018.

9. In case you missed it -- An article from the Stars and Stripes from September 19 discusses the new ideas for LQA. It is worth a check as it discusses new ideas for civilian LQA. You can find it here.

10. Area Director's travels -- I will be in Sembach for the first JCC of the year at the area office. While there I will be able to visit the Sembach MS, and will then get to be at Vogelweh ES, as well as the new Kaiserslautern HS. Please be patient during this time as it could take time to get to all emails. You can always get up-to-the-minute information from and we hope you will logon to see what's up.

Terry McClain
FEA Europe Area Director