September 23 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. FEA Trainings and Meetings
2. Association Day
3. NEA President Visits Lakenheath EA
4. Changes
5. Swine Flu
6. One Hundred Percent membership
7. Thank You to all of those who helped in the recent school visits
8. Safety

1. FEA Trainings and Meetings: Your FEA leadership has just completed several weeks of intense trainings, meetings, and school visits. Thank you to all the FRS's/FR's who attended the training sessions in all four districts. Thanks also to those members who assisted with all the arrangements, etc. Following the Contract Trainings, the European Area Council meet for two days to discuss issues and concerns for FEA members in Europe. Also joining us were Michael Priser, HT Nguyen, Trudy Pollard, FEA's NEA Director, BettyLou Cummins, FEA VP, and our UniServ Attorneys, Sequitta Banks, Jan Freeman and Bill Freeman. In addition to our leadership, we also had a very informative presentation from William Suddeth, DoDDS-E EEO Program Manager. We were also joined by Dr. Nancy Bresell, DoDDS-E Director, for a very positive and productive discussion.

2. Association Day: On Saturday Sept 19, approximately 50 FEA members turned out to hear from our Association Leaders. HT Nguyen, FEA Executive Director/General Counsel, our keynote speaker, outlined for members some of the disturbing developments in DoDEA. He also explained some of the ways FEA is confronting these issues as well as ways local leaders and member can address them.

Members also heard from FEA Europe UniServs Sequitta Banks and Bill Freeman, as well as FEA Europe HCR, Linda Callender, and FEA BOD members, Trudy Pollard and BettyLou Cummins. For those of you who were not able to attend, the latest information can always be found at

3. NEA President Visits Lakenheath EA: On September 18th, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel addressed a large and very receptive group of educators at a meeting of the Lakenheath Education Association. The crowd of over 90 included teachers from as far away as the Alconbury complex. Those in attendance heard a very positive and inspirational address, but Dennis also made very clear that he understands the current challenges that FEA members face, and that we have the support of NEA. Thanks to all of the LEA members who helped with and attended this important meeting.

4. Changes: FEA is aware that DoDEA HQ is sending out policies, mandates, and trainings without consulting or bargaining with, or even informing FEA. Please continue to inform your leadership when these are announced in your schools. Be sure to document the added time outside the duty day or during their prep time that these new mandates cause. This should be documented according to the FEA Legal Update.
Also, be sure to go to for the latest information on these important issues.

5. Swine Flu: As the annual flu season nears, everyone is understandably nervous about the possibility of contracting the H1N1 (or Swine Flu) virus. Arm yourself with the facts and learn what you can do to protect yourself: visit the NEA Health Information Network ( for loads of information on the virus. Additionally, many Military Communities are offering or will offer the shot as well. Don't forget the local economy as another opportunity if other channels are slow with the vaccine.

6. One Hundred Percent membership: Spangdahlem Middle School, Kaiserslautern Middle School, Kleine Brogel Elem. School report 100% membership for this school year!!! We will announce more in future Updates.

7. I want to thank those responsible for coordinating the recent school visits which Sequitta and I were able to make before Contract training.

First, a big thank you to Sequitta Banks for coming prior to Contract Training this year to visit schools and meet with teachers. At the school level: Jean Jones, FRS Ramstein Intermediate School; Doug Anderson, Zora, Gaymon, FRS and FR respectively Ramstein Elem. School; Erin Grazak, FRS Ramstein Middle School; Kathleen Breault Kaiserslautern High School; Chris Bradford, Schweinfurt Middle School; Elaine Engel, Bamberg High School; David Weight, Alina Rozanski, FRS and FR respectively Netzaberg Middle School; Mike Wright Netzaberg Elem. School; the two District Reps. Kate Alexander, Kaiserslautern District Rep Alex Veto, Bavaria District Rep and finally all of those great members we were able to talk with during the visits. Naturally, it felt like our time was short and we wished we could have spent more time at each school. We hope to be able to visit other schools next school year (meaning with our UniServ). I will continue to visit schools through out the year.

8. Over the next couple of weeks, let's watch out a little bit more carefully. According to the German news they have raised their country's threat con level. So, take a bit of extra time watching and simply being careful.

Respectfully submitted,


John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
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