September 2 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. Welcome Back
2. FRS Training Schedule and Information
3. European Area Council
4. Three web sites that may be of help
5. Money for supplies
6. Association Day
7. NEA President to Visit Lakenheath EA
9. SCD
10. Comment

1. I would like to offer my Welcome Back and hoping for a wonderful school year! We all suspect the troubled waters we will travel over this year but knowing the caliber of our members, I know that we will always do our best for students!

2. FRS Training Schedule and Information: For your planning purposes, the FRS Training dates are as follows:

Isles (England schools) Friday, Sept 11; Bavaria, Monday, Sept 14; Kaiserslautern, Tuesday, Sept 15; Heidelberg and the Isles schools "on the continent" Wednesday, Sept 16 (Both the Heidelberg and Isles District Reps will be participating in this training.) Further information about times and locations will be coming out shortly from your District Rep.

3. The European Area Council will meet Sept 17 and 18 in Heidelberg.

4. A couple of web sites follow that may be of help! This one is the OPM web site with Standard Forms.

For those new to DoDDS and other generally that need help with acronyms (that includes me!). Although this site is not dedicated to DoDEA/DoDDS I found it useful and many of our acronyms are listed.

This particular link is good reading and will help those with a variety of questions. I found this site while trying to help a member with questions about GPO (Government Pension Offset).

5. A reminder that schools were sent money for supplies this past month! Some may still have money to spend. If you are in need of supplies work with your FRS and Admin. to get what is needed. Also, this month we may see "fallout money" so have those wish list ready!

6. Association Day: FEA Europe will be hosting an "Association Day" on Saturday, Sept 19th in Heidelberg. Our Executive Director/General Counsel, HT Nguyen, will be our featured speaker. Our other UniServs and European leaders will be available too. The meeting will be held at the Schützenhaus, Rudolf-Wild-Straße 109, 69214 Eppelheim, Germany - 06221 752875. This is very close to Patrick Henry Village in Heidelberg. Association Day will start at 9am, with the Association providing breakfast and the session will end at approximately 12:30. Plan now to attend to hear the latest news from FEA.

7. NEA President to Visit Lakenheath EA: Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association, will be visiting the Lakenheath EA on September 17th. Dennis is a major part of the national dialogue on education, and meets frequently with the Secretary of Education. Dennis is also a great friend of the FEA… he keeps informed about our issues and is very aware of the current concerns of our Association. We hope that all members in the area will make an effort to hear Dennis' address.

8. CHILDCARE NACI: FEA is working with DoDEA management to be sure faculty and staff will be given adequate time to collect necessary paperwork and other background information required for the Childcare National Agency Check Investigations (CNACI). At this time, you do not yet need to start the process of working on this; more information on the CNACI will be coming from management later this school year.

9. SCD: Please double check our Service Computation Date (SCD) and your Educator Leave days. Some errors have been found. Also, as we get closer to retirement we need to make sure our SCD is correct! The last couple of years when VERA was offered some applied thinking they qualified only to be disappointed they did not qualify because they did not meet the years of service. (reflected in the SCD)

10. Chuck and I have already been in schools and the work we saw while teachers were preparing for students this year was/is impressive! We are doing a great job during stressful times! As I said to teachers in Baumholder, Graf, and Netzaberg, "Remember why we all went into Education, certainly not for the money (although it helps), but to make a difference, to help students!" We are making a positive difference! Let's show the nay sayers otherwise!

Enjoy the start of a new school year!


John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
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