August 24, 2011 FEA Europe Report

1. Welcome Back
2. Changes
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. Contact Information for Schools
5. FRS Training Dates
6. TSP Loans
7. Membership Information
8. FEA Leadership
9. Labor Day
10. Available Resources
11. Mark Your Calendars
12. Useful Forms
13. A New Beginning
14. Change in Payroll Dues Deductions
15. Update

1. Welcome Back -- Let me take a moment to welcome back all new and returning teachers and staff. It is hard to believe that the summer passed so quickly, but if things continue the way that they have been we will be talking about winter break before you know it. There have been a number of changes over the summer and I will detail them below. I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you this year to make an already great school system even better.

2. Changes -- Over the summer there were a number of changes in DoDEA. To begin with, Mr. Charlie Toth retired from his position as DoDEA Principal Director and Associate Director of Education effective August 2. Dr. Nancy Bresell, current Area Director for Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Europe, has been selected to serve temporarily in this position, in Arlington, Va. Dr. Dell McMullen, Kaiserslautern district Superintendent, has been named acting senior leader for DODDS-Europe during Dr. Bresell's three-month absence.

3. Area Directors' Travels -- In this first week, on Thursday, I will be visiting the Bamberg and Schweinfurt schools. On Friday I will be in Netzaberg for the Grafenwohr EA Welcome Back Luncheon and that evening at the Oberpfalz (Vilseck) EA Welcome Back Picnic. Lisa has not yet firmed up her first week travels.

4. Contact Information for Schools - Please make sure to notify us if there has been a change in FRS/FR or Local Officers, etc. We want to make sure that information, including these Updates, is going to the right people in each school. We currently think that we have collected all of the changes but ask your help in monitoring any future changes.

5. FRS Training Dates - For your planning purposes, the FRS Contract Training Dates are as follows:
  • Friday Sept 9 - Isles (England Schools) (Training location TBA in the Lakenheath Complex)

  • Monday Sept 12 - Bavaria (Training in Nuremberg)

  • Wednesday Sept 14 - Heidelberg (including Isles Schools on the continent) (Training in Wiesbaden)

  • Wednesday Sept 14 -- Kaiserslautern (Training in Kaiserslautern)

  • Thursday/Friday Sept 15/16 - The European Area Council will meet in Kaiserslautern

6. TSP Loans - For those of you who have TSP Loans and filed the Notification to TSP of Non Pay Status, TSP Form 41 in June, please be aware that when you return to pay status that you must restart your payments.. The form is filed through your local payroll person. You can find the form here.

7. Membership Information -- Membership information has been sent from FEA Washington during the summer to either the FRS or the Membership Chairperson at each school. If your school has not received this information please contact your respective District Rep and/or Area Director.

8. FEA Leadership - The District Representatives and other FEA leaders for SY 11-12 are as follows:
  • Bavaria, Terry McClain

  • Heidelberg, Nancy Almendras

  • Isles, Anita Lang

  • Kaiserslautern, Terese Sarno

  • Alex Veto is the Area Director and Sequitta Banks is the UniServ Attorney for Bavaria and Kaiserslautern

  • Lisa Garmon Ali is the Area Director and Jan Freeman is the UniServ Attorney for Heidelberg, the Isles, and Cuba

  • Bill Freeman, UniServ Attorney, continues to work on pay cases for FEA Europe.

You can find contact information for all of these individuals as well as for FEA Washington inside your membership calendar.

9. Labor Day - Labor Day honors the American worker and acknowledges the value and dignity of work and its role in American life. Labor Day was first celebrated on September 5, 1882, in New York, and continued to be celebrated until June 28, 1894, when Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday. You can find many useful items concerning this holiday to use in your classroom here.

10. Available Resources - The FEA website is and has lots of valuable information. It is also the most authoritative place to visit for breaking news and updates. For some portions of this site, you will need to have your membership number, which is on your membership card as well as your NEA Today, your FEA Journal, etc. Through the FEA website, you can sign up to have information sent directly to your email address. The NEA website is also a great source of information.

Currently available on our FEA website are some great resources for starting your school year off right.

11. Mark Your Calendars --
  • August 29 -- First school day for students

  • September 5 -- Labor Day

  • September 9 -- FRS Training, Isles

  • September 12 -- FRS Training, Bavaria

  • September 14 -- FRS Training, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern

  • September 15/16 -- EAC, Kaiserslautern

12. Useful Forms -- Attached is an electronic leave form. Save it to your computer and you will have it should you ever need to be out of school for any reason. Also, there is a 1351-2 for those currently dealing with RAT and other travel issues.

13. A New Beginning -- Next I would like to take a moment to welcome the newest star in the DoDEA firmament -- Schweinfurt High School. SHS will open its doors for the first time ever this Monday, August 29. I hope as we all do that it is the beginning of a long and productive history. I send a special thank you to all those who are making this happen and wish the students, staff, and teachers a rewarding year ! You can read much more here.

14. Change in Payroll Dues Deductions - FEA members who wish to cancel or change your dues deductions for this school year must do so by September 1, 2011. You will need to submit form SF1188 (available from your school secretary) to Linda Shahan, FEA Europe Membership Processor, with a copy to their DoDDS Customer Service Rep at their DSO by September 1, 2011. Cancellations received after that date cannot be processed for SY 2011/2012. Please send by email via digital sender or mail to: Linda Shahan, CMR 419, Box 1566, APO AE 09102.

15. Update - Lisa will publish the next Update will be published on Wednesday, August 31.


Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel: 0160 2388051