June 9 2010 FEA Europe Report

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June JCC
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FEA has two Updates available
This is my last UPdate!

1. JCC minutes from May are attached!

2. We had our June JCC and those minutes will be out soon.

3. Just a reminder: My house phone/answering machine no longer works (We have moved out of our house and the machine died weeks ago!) I am still available via DoDDS email and the phone numbers listed below in the signature block. Since my retirement date is in August I will have access to DoDDS email to continue to help our members.

4. W-2 or CSA 1099-R: After we retire how do we get our W-2? How do we handle this in retirement? When we retire, we no longer will receive tax information from our employing agency. Instead our Federal Annuity comes from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Shortly after we retire and our paperwork has been sent to OPM, we will receive a "CSA" number from OPM (A few days later our temporary PIN will arrive as well to access our information online at Close to tax filing time we should receive a CSA 1099-R form that will show the amount of money we receive as an annuitant under CSRS or FERS (this will also include the FERS annuity supplement). For those of us who have contributed to the TSP and have benefits paid to us from our TSP account we will have a 1099-R from the TSP as well. Finally, if receiving any Social Security benefits, a 1099-SSA form will be sent to us as well. Keeping OPM informed of any address changes is important and can be accomplished on line using your "CSA" number and your PIN. If for some reason you have not received a CSA 1099-R (while in retirement) you can request a duplicate or print one from:
I hope this helps!

5. One last point (from me) for those retiring or leaving DoDDS (Dodge! J)! Keep your contact information updated with both DoDEA and OPM. A working telephone number and a non-DoDDS email address should insure communication if needed. If you have filed a grievance please keep your UniServ updated with contact information i.e. phone and address.

Three items from Michael Priser's report:

6. RETIRING MEMBERS: Any FEA members retiring from DoDEA this school year who have signed up for FEA Pre-Retired Membership should contact the FEA Washington office to notify us of your pending retirement. FEA needs this notification so that we know to activate your retired membership and ensure that you transition seamlessly to your new status. Anyone looking for information on FEA Pre-Retired Membership can find it here. Let me take this opportunity as well to thank and congratulate all of our retiring members for your service to military dependents and their families. No one needs to remind you of the important role you've played in the lives of countless young people. Please accept my best wishes as you move into the next phase of your lives, and thank you for being a part of FEA.

7. ANNUAL MEETINGS: FEA will hold its Annual Membership Meeting June 30 and July 1 at the Chateau Bourbon Hotel in New Orleans. This meeting is open to all FEA members, Active or Retired, and we highly encourage any member who will be in the area to attend so they can ask questions or hear reports from the FEA Board and Staff about the status of your organization. As always, our meeting is held immediately before the NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly, also in New Orleans. FEA members have already selected over 30 delegates to represent them at the NEA meeting, at which members vote on policies and procedures to govern the direction of NEA.

8. ENCROACHMENT OF TIME: Back in September, FEA issued a legal update asking DoDDS members to keep track of management actions/directives that encroached on your time to perform your duties as an educator. FEA providing a form our members could use to track such violations with the intention of submitting the information to FEA's legal department ( see original update here). As we near the end of the school year in DoDDS, FEA is preparing a legal update to explain how to submit that information to our legal department. Look for the update, to be posted on and sent out via our listserv, in the next several days. If you have any questions, please contact FEA at The Legal Update is available on the FEA website and the forms that are needed as well.

9. FEA has two Updates on the list serve and available on the web site.
One concerns Encroachment on Educator's time (#8 above) the other covers RAT and PCS.

10. This is my last UPdate! Thank you all so much for allowing me to represent you as an Area Director, District Rep and FRS. The past 17 years in leadership positions has been an honor and educational! Naturally, there have been some disappointments and some elation but over all I have only positive feelings about the experiences. There are so many I would like to thank but will only mention a few for the sake of brevity. Thank you to Ingrid Ahlberg and Chuck McCarter for your guidance and support through the years; your experience and guidance has been invaluable! Thank you to the EAC, FEA Board, FEA Staff and to all of the FRSes I've worked with; you have been truly the unsung heroes. Retirement will take a bit of time to adjust to, but as one person wrote to me, each week of retirement has 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday! The last person (other than my wife, whom I have already mentioned in my previous article) will probably never see this. Mary and I have one son. I would be remiss without thanking him and asking for his forgiveness for all of the things I missed as his father doing work for the Indiana Teachers Association and the Federal Education Association. As a father, that is one of the things I regret from all these years of service to others. I plan to try and make up for the time during retirement. I just hope we are not a parody of the song Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin!

Respectfully submitted,


John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
Federal Education Association
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