June 6, 2018

Terry's Update

June 6, 2018

1. Reflections
2. RAT Travel and DTS info
3. Info on Tax on PCS moves
4. Goodbye Grievance info/Stopping dues
5. Course Credit for Good Summer Reading
6. DoDEA History Website
7. Congratulations to Spring Sports Champions
8. Local Rebates
9. Dues Information
10. Mark Your Calendar
11. Area Director's Travel

1. Reflections -- This year has been one of the most challenging years experienced by DoDDs teachers. This year has challenged us by lack of having a substitute when we were sick, lack of having a paraprofessionals for classes/ students and filling in for the paraprofessionals, getting RAT/ED travel orders in order to get tickets, students making threats of all kinds in the schools, or simply just the challenges of living overseas in different countries with different cultures. Therefore it must be noted that throughout all these challenges DoDDs teachers have helped each other, developed great lessons/projects for students, and continually provided a first class education for students of military families. This is commendable and deserves all the praise teachers working for DoDDs can get! It should also be noted that FEA constantly speaking to management about the issues of hiring, lack of HR information, and the difficulty in dealing with some of the most challenging students, has had a part in things changing, albeit slower than we would like. As we move into the summer it is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the school year, and what has been good. By focusing on the positive, we can then refresh the mind, body, and soul in order to refresh ourselves. You deserve a restful break from this last SY, so take time for yourself however it works best for you! As author and producer Gary W Goldstein once wrote, "All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!"

2. RAT/ED Travel Info -- The recent updates included about everything you need to know for your this type of travel so hope you have what you need by now. However, our good colleague Judy Nicolay pointed out that it needs to be clear that you need to have the DTS form 1610 in order for your tickets to be purchased by CTO/SATO Sembach. The reservations would only be reservations and not tickets until you have the DTS orders, DD Form 1610, Jan. 2001, for your tickets to be tickets not just reservations. Also attached with this update are the most recent directions to file your DD Form 1351-2 when you return from RAT or have used ED travel for your children.

3. Info on Tax on PCS moves -- Last week, FEA sent out an update on a pair of issues: the taxing of moving costs and allowances for civilian employees and the White House's efforts to make massive cuts to federal retirement benefits. FEA and NEA continue to monitor these issues but there have been no significant developments since last week. We will inform our members of any changes. You can read that update from last week at

4. "Goodbye" Grievance -- If you are planning on retiring or resigning this year, make sure you FILE and ELEVATE a goodbye grievance before your last duty day. It has also been recommended even if you are just switching to another area that is not a FEA area. If your FRS does not have a copy of it, please contact your District Rep or Area Director. Also, keep it in a safe place and keep it forever. Please be aware that NOW is the time to make sure that this is accomplished before the end of the year. Also if the above applies to you or you wish to stop dues please file the form dd-1187 with your secretary, John Crowe, and keep a copy for yourself. Please ensure you do this by 1 September.

5. Course Credit for Good Summer Reading -- Anita Lang has gotten approval for a book study running from 1 Sept. through 31 October 2018. A group will be created in NEA's EdCommunities ( and participants will be asked to respond weekly to questions, create a short action plan, implement plan and reflect. In the meantime, folks can get started reading! The book is called Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? by Beverly Daniel Tatum. See attached for more information about the course. A group name and credit information, in August, to those who sign up on the Google form here.

6. DoDEA History -- The link provided here is a look at DoDEA through the years. It is rather interesting if you have been with DoDDs for a while and worth a look even if you have not. You may see that things seem ‘fluid' and yet so many things change and then change again to something very close to what may have been around before. Hope you enjoy a look at what's happened in our history. DoDEA history.

7. Congratulations -- Winners of the Spring Athletic Competitions were:

Division I Girls Division I Boys
Stuttgart 1st Kaiserslautern 1st
Ramestein Stuttgart
Division II Girls Division II Boys
Spangdahlm 1st AF North 1st
Rota Marymont
Division III Girls Division II Boys
Alconbury 1st Brussels 1st
Hohenfels Ansbach
Baumholder Alconbury
Division I Division II/III
Lakenheath 1st Sigonella 1st
Kaiserslautern Spangdahlem
Division I Division II/III
Kaiserslautern 1st Sigonella 1st
Lakenheath Hohenfels
Ramstein Rota

Also congratulations to all that participated in the Track and Field competitions.

8. Local Rebates -- Recently, John Crowe, our FEA Europe Membership Processor sent out rebate notices to all FEA Europe Area local associations. I want to personally thank John for all of his hard work and efficiency in doing this. If your local EA has not yet heard from John then you should contact him.

9. Dues Information -- Dues for 18-19: As FEA has never been faced with as much litigation as now, it is imperative we are able to fund the litigation. Europe has the lowest of all dues in FEA. Therefore the dues will increase $6.80 per pay period for the approximate 4 months dues are taken. We would prefer not to increase dues, but we also cannot afford to stop the ongoing litigation to protect members rights.

10. Mark Your Calendar
June 1-30 -- National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
June 14 -- Flag Day
June 15 -- Last Duty Day

11. Area Director's Travel -- I will be traveling to Minneapolis for the BoD meeting as well as part of the RA. If there is any ‘Breaking News' I will distribute it as quickly as possible. Visiting the FEA website at will also give you up to the minute information.

Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director